Cobre Valley Republican Club Meeting: Sat., Feb. 15 in Globe

submitted by Judy Alexander
Cobre Valley Republican Club President

Please attend the Cobre Valley Republican Club (CVRC) meeting Saturday, February 15, at 9;30 AM.  The meeting will be held at the CVRC headquarters:  424 N. Broad Street in Globe.  Featured speakers will include candidates that are seeking state and county offices.   Irene Littleton is running for State Senate LD 8; Darla Dawald is a candidate for Arizona House of Representatives LD 8.  There are many other candidates seeking to represent you locally.  These candidates need your support!!!  They travel here to talk to you and to answer your questions.  All are welcomed!  Come join the CVRC for coffee and donuts.   Hope to see you there!!

NOTE:  Currently, Democrat Barbara McGuire holds the LD8 Senate seat.  Republicans Frank Pratt and T J Shope are LD8's representatives.  Both Frank Pratt and T J Shope joined Barbara McGuire and all Arizona Democrats to vote for Medicaid Expansion, which will add hundreds of thousands of new Arizona residents to the taxpayer-paid health insurance rolls.  All three of these incumbents must be replaced.

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