Frank Riggs for Arizona Superintendent of Public Instruction

Yes, I'm supporting Frank Riggs for Arizona's next Superintendent of Public Instruction, and I'm downright enthusiastic about it.   Why?  Without a doubt, he's the most qualified.  Also, he puts Students first, not the institution of public education.  He respects and welcomes dialogue with Parents, not paid, self-interested lobbyists. He is a proven education leader for school choice, local control, and quality education.  He believes that quality education means focusing on classroom teaching and learning, and on recruiting and retaining the very best teachers for Arizona’s kids.  He has promised to advocate and work tirelessly for a high-quality education to help every child reach their full potential, regardless of where they live or their socio-economic circumstances. He also intends to make the Arizona Department of Education fully transparent, responsive, and accountable to parents, educators and taxpayers.  

Please take a look at his website, and you'll see that not only does he "say" all the right things, but he has also "done" all the right things.  

Also, Riggs has been endorsed by leaders and parents who want the education of Arizona's children to be the First Priority! See below for some of their statements about Frank Riggs, and then read his record of leadership, and you'll know why these dedicated people are fighting for Frank Riggs as Arizona's next Superintendent of Public Instruction:

"Frank Riggs believes in empowering parents who know what’s best for their children.  He will put students first and parents in charge.”

 – Gina Ray, Founder of Opt Out AZ! & Member of Mommy Lobby AZ

"Frank Riggs believes parental rights are supreme.  He supports local control and accountability that should be between a parent, child and teacher and not dictated by government bureaucrats."

 – Jennifer Reynolds, Founder of Arizonans Against Common Core & Member of Mommy Lobby AZ

"Frank Riggs believes each student has special talents and knows that one-size-fits-all standards make school choice an empty platitude."

 – Olga Tarro, Elementary School Parent Member, State Board of Education’s Arizona Standards Development Committee & Member of Mommy Lobby AZ

"Frank Riggs is the most qualified candidate for Superintendent of Public Instruction in Arizona’s history.”

 – Jared Taylor, Member of State Board of Education and Gilbert Town Councilman

“Frank Riggs is a proven leader in education at every level.  His extensive background in district, charter and governmental leadership positions is without equal.”

 – Lisa Fink, Co-Founder and President of Choice Academies

“Frank Riggs has been in the forefront of the school choice and charter school movements for years. He has walked his talk and is a champion of local control and parental school choice."

 – Shawnna L.M. Bolick, High School Parent Member, State Board of Education's Arizona Standards Development Committee & Former Charter School Board Member

"Frank Riggs has the proven executive leadership experience and ability to lead our state's schools at a critical time for K-12 education. The depth and breath of his experience uniquely qualify him for the critically important job as our state's schools chief."

 – Jim Waring, Phoenix District 2 City Councilman and former Arizona State Senator

Here are some interesting quotes from former Superintendent of Public Instruction John Huppenthal, who has changed his opinion of Common Core.  Remember him?  He called all of us who opposed Common Core "barbarians at the gate!"  

"Common Core is the latest fad to hit education and, now that the results are in, turns out to have been the most damaging one in history.”

“The best thing that the Federal Government can do is to become a nothing. Turn all the funding into per student block grants and shut down.”

~ John Huppenthal, former Arizona Superintendent of Public Instruction in interview with Rose Law Group Reporter.

Current Superintendent of Public Instruction Diane Douglas has been a depressing disappointment to all of us who supported her.  She has lied to our faces; she has insulted us; she continues lying to anyone and everyone that Common Core has been replaced; and she wants a tax increase.  Under incumbent Douglas's leadership, she and the Arizona Department of Education have spent close to $4 million in the two years she's been in office. She has also spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on outside legal fees as a result of her litigation with the State Board of Education.  See Douglas Pushes False Narrative to get Additional Funding.  Given her past character issues, do you really believe her when she says a tax increase will be used to increase teachers' salaries?  

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