John McCain Censured by the AZGOP: Leftist Payson Roundup Practices Usual Malpractice

Conservative media across the nation immediately picked up on Saturday's major news event, and Arizona's local rags either ignore it (Payson Roundup) or twist the truth to fit their Leftist agenda.  Both amount to media malpractice.  If you want to read the news, distorted by the Leftist rags, read the Roundup and Arizona Republic.  If you're sick of Leftist propaganda and want a breath of fresh air, read Gila Watch, Gilbert Watch, and other news sources you can find listed on the Home Page of both of those blogs.  (Below Frosty Taylor's report, you will find a list of articles about the McCain censure.  And to those who call this "eating our own," it isn't.  It's getting out a fire hose and blasting Leftist collaborators out of our house.)  

This is what happened, as accurately stated by Frosty Taylor, publisher of the MCRC News Briefs.:

The AZGOP State Committeemen strongly censured AZ Sen John McCain during their Saturday (Jan. 25,2014) meeting in Tempe when they loudly (voice vote) approved a Resolution of Censure similar to the ones passed by the Maricopa, Apache, Cochise, Gila, Mohave and Santa Cruz County Republican Committees the past two weeks.

Six out of 15 counties in McCain’s home state have censured him for playing footsies with the Democrats instead of sticking to the party platform.  Maricopa is the largest county in the state with 3.942 million residents of Arizona's 6.553 million population.  Maricopa has 63% of Arizona's registered Republican voters. The Maricopa County Republican Committee (MCRC) passed their resolution by a 1,150 to 351 precinct committeeman vote just two weeks ago (Jan 11).

Saturday morning (Jan 25) volunteers quickly gathered more than double the required 200 signatures to bring the resolution to the floor - as  state committee arrived prior to the state GOP meeting,  according to Timothy Schwartz, who authored the Maricopa County Resolution and headed up the movement for state passage as well. Some 55% of the 704 early morning arrivals signed the petitions as they streamed into the parking lot.

During a press conference following the meeting, Schwartz said… “Senator McCain always drafts legislation with liberal Democrats, but never drafts legislation with members of his own Party. He never criticizes liberal Democrats, yet he publicly reprimands Conservatives in his own Party. He makes welcomed promises to get re-elected.  Once elected, his promises get quickly broken.

“For many years our citizens have attempted in vain to get the Senator’s attention.  We’ve made countless phone calls, written letters, and attended town halls.  But Senator McCain has ignored the people he represents.  Washington’s power lure has thoroughly corrupted.  But Arizona cannot be ignored any longer.”

Schwartz further stated, “Those in our Party who refuse to listen are becoming fewer every day, but those who care about the Constitution, the Declaration of Independence, the Bill of Rights and the Second Amendment –well, our numbers are swelling, and, we’re become tired of “business as usual” in Washington D.C.”

He continued, “This message is vitally important.  We are losing our country.  Everyday a little more of what made this country the greatest nation on earth is being taken from us --  and Washington is to blame. Ironically, it seems necessary that we must remind ourselves that those who go to Washington go for us, not themselves.  They go to make the voice of their constituents back home heard.  Yet Senator McCain does not listen to his constituents back home, and will not even listen to his own Party.  He goes to Washington with an agenda of his own.  That must change.

“As each election cycle rolls around, we are constantly reminded of Senator McCain’s war record.  And yes, we are mindful of that….but that was some 60 years ago!!  It’s time to ask the same question the popular song does:  “What have you done for me lately?”

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