Please Help Bob Thorpe with his $5.00 Contributions!

Our Republican Representative Bob Thorpe (LD6) has done an excellent job fighting for us against expanding ObamaCare in Arizona, and against onerous regulations.  He sponsored bills that would help us take back our lands and protect our property rights.  He worked hard to help us gain local control of our schools.   We need him in the legislature to do battle for us again.

Please click HERE to print out a Clean Elections $5.00 Contribution form, complete and send directly to Bob Thorpe at the address on the form.  Please print out extra forms and ask friends to donate $5.00 also.

Or, go to   Answer the initial questions.  Follow prompts.  Then, scroll down to Robert Thorp and click to make your $5.00 donation.   For each $5.00 donation, Clean Elections will give Bob $133.00.  

You can also send Bob up to $160.00 in seed money directly.  Make checks out to “Bob Thorpe” and mail to 490 Lake Mary Road, Flagstaff, AZ   86001.  Please also provide your name, address, occupation and employer on a separate piece of paper.  Phone numbers and email addresses are always welcome too. 

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