Remembrance Day - 11/11/2014 at 11:00 am - Payson High School Auditorium

For years, I have been seeing disturbing signs in America with this message:  "America is evil.  We're the bad guys."  I see it in our K-12 public school system, on the evening news, in the mainstream print media, in our universities, and in films.  

On the eve of Veterans Day, published an especially insulting article denigrating our service men and women.  I won't give credit to their disgusting blog.  You can look it up if you wish.

America is not perfect.  It is filled with imperfect human beings.  But we are blessed to live in a country that was founded on the idea of freedom.  Thousands of American men and women have died for that idea.  They deserve to be honored!  

Dinesh D'Souza recently gave a very important speech about this issue, which I hope you will watch.  Click HERE to see Honor our Veterans by Honoring Our Country.  In that speech, he said this:

"America's strength is found in our culture, values, and sense of national unity and patriotism.  If we don't care about our country, we are not going to have men and women willing to die for it."

Veterans Day program Tuesday
The Town of Payson proudly presents Veterans Day 2014 beginning at 11 a.m. Tuesday, Nov. 11 at the Payson High School Auditorium. This year’s theme is “Our American Veterans, Standing In Support.” The program will include refreshments, a Presentation of the Colors by the Payson Military Honor Guard/CAP, an Invocation by Father Lowell Andrews and addresses by local dignitaries.  A series of moving tributes will include a special tribute to the U. S. Army, a musical tribute by the Payson Choral Society, presentations by our community youth and much more. After the program and courtesy of the Rim Country Classic Car Club, a selected number of veterans will be treated to lunch. The lunch convoy will be escorted by members of the Vietnam Legacy Motorcycle Club. Join with your fellow citizens to honor our veterans on this patriotic occasion.