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1. East Valley Academy K-6: No Common Core!

If you are the conscientious parent of a child/children in grades K-6 and live in Mesa, please consider this highly rated public charter school.  East Valley Academy, 1858 E. Brown Road, is a small school sitting on an acre of land in a house that's been converted into classrooms.  The school's leadership has steadfastly refused to incorporate the inferior Common Core and its adherence to "factory learning."   All parents opted their children out of AzMERIT, the "high stakes test" that has never been validated or proven to be reliable.  

Yet, for the past three years running, every student in EVA has met or exceeded every standard in reading, writing, math, and science across all grades K-6.  EVA has a 100% passing rate.  In fact, the school has been rated the #1 performing charter school in Arizona.   Kindergartners learn to read by Christmas.  In some classes, grades 3-6 learn together, at different levels.  It isn't uncommon for a competitive 10-year old to strive to understand what the older kids are studying.

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2. East Valley Academy in Mesa Steadfastly Refuses Common Core and AZMerit!

Janet Ryan, principal of East Valley Academy, a public charter school for grades K-6, has better things to do than to administer AZMerit.  When you see some of those “better things" she's doing, you’ll understand why.  Ms. Ryan states, “The writing portion of the AzMerit Test is completely age inappropriate, and there is much in the test that was hastily thrown together.” 

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