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11. Jim O'Connor Announces Run for State Party Chairman of the AZGOP

I have tremendous respect for Jim O’Connor.  In the following press release, you will read about Jim's role in renouncing the National Popular Vote.  I was one of the people he patiently educated regarding its problems.  Ultimately, a group of us were able to convince our Senator, Sylvia Allen, to back away from supporting it.  Jim is true to the Republican platform and has provided leadership in other areas as well, including the passage of HB2088, which protects students against surveys that gather private, personally identifiable information.  He advised his representative in LD23, Heather Carter, "Our 444 Precinct Committeemen are reflecting the opinions of the 70,000 registered republican votes in our district overwhelmingly protecting the rights of parents and children. Please represent these and other republicans who desire to restrain government overreach."  She voted in favor on reconsideration.  Mr. O'Connor has stood firmly in support of legislation that honors parental authority and rejects federal control of education in Arizona.

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12. The Impact of Coal Restrictions on the Navajo Nation: Sen. Carlyle Begay

In announcing his recent decision to change from the Democrat to the Republican Party, Arizona Senator Carlyle Begay spoke of unemployment rates as high as 80% in his district.   He also stated that future progress in Arizona has to include partnerships with rural and tribal communities.  It is the Republican party that has embraced these crucial partnerships, which are the cornerstone of the future of our state.

As a rural Arizonan living in Gila County, I understand some of the concerns that we share.  Rural and tribal Arizonans live in and of the land.  We are sustained by it.  We respect and love it.  Rural Arizona offers rich natural resources that have fed, clothed, sheltered, and provided energy and water to millions of people.  

The Democrat Party has waged war on our livestock, timber, and coal industries, the very industries that sustain Arizona's rural and tribal communities.    

Back in July 2015, then Democrat Senator Carlyle Begay spoke at the Heartland Institute's International Conferences on Climate Change

Please see a summary of Senator Begay's speech following the video.  

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13. Arizona Sen. Carlyle Begay: "We Must See Ourselves in a Whole New Light"

As noted in a November 24 news articleSenator Carlyle Begay has recently changed from the Democrat to Republican Party.  I have never met Sen. Begay, but I've observed him and heard his remarks during the last legislative session.  He is a highly intelligent, thoughtful, well-educated man.  Both Democrats and Republicans can politicize his decision all they want, but I know that he will be guided by his convictions, not politics, whenever he casts his votes.  The welfare of his constituents, many of whose ancestors were the First Arizonans, will rank far above either party.  He believes that the time has come for his people to achieve prosperity. In fact, he wants all Arizonans to prosper.  Please watch this video.  Notice the many terms and phrases that he uses.  This is what the Republican Party stands for.  

In the following video, you will gain some insight into why Senator Begay is adamant that "change must happen" and why he believes it is the Republican Party that is working to find solutions that will help the people that Sen. Begay represents.  He explains that "families living within our rural and tribal communities are in a crisis.  Unemployment is as high as 80%.  Roads, bridges, and infrastructure are wasting away.  Many Native American families are without electricity and clean, running water.  Native American students have some of the lowest graduation rates and some of the highest drop-out rates.  Native Americans have the highest rates of suicide in the country."    Senator Begay desires to work within the Republican Party to build a bridge connecting those who need and want a chance with those who can help provide that chance. The Republican Party is the party of progress, the party of opportunity.  It is, now, Senator Begay's Party.  

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14. Republican Meet & Greet and Giant Rummage Sale - 8/29/2015

On Saturday, August 29, 2015 from 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM, the Rim Country Republican Club will hold their Meet & Greet with Public Officials, Rummage Sale, Bake Sale, Silent Auction, Rifle & Ammo Raffle Drawings, Charter Arms Pink Lady Raffle Drawing, and Pulled Pork Sandwich $5 Lunch at Payson Rumsey Park in Ramada 5.  Come and join us for a fun get together.  

Find the Rim Country Republican Club on Facebook!  Click HERE.

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15. Republicans Host Sheriff Paul Babeu - 8/31/2015

The Rim Country Republican Club will meet Monday, August 31 at Tiny’s Family Restaurant, located at 600 East 260, Payson..  Members and guests may gather at 11:00 AM to order lunch and to socialize.  Beginning at 11:30 AM, the speaker will be Sheriff Paul Babeu of Pinal County.  Sheriff Babeu is an expert on the Border Issues in Arizona and has spoken on national television many times about our Border situation. Everyone is welcome to attend.  

Find the Rim Country Republican Club on Facebook!  Click HERE.  

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16. 15th Annual Lincoln Day Dinner - March 20 in Payson!
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17. Gila County Republicans Rock! by Gary Morris
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18. Cobre Valley Republican Club Monthly Meeting: 11/20/2014
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20. Gila County GOP: Democrats are Ahead of Us!
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