What is Gila Watch?

Gila Watch began as an internet publication devoted to informing Gila County residents and business owners on political issues affecting them.  Those issues frequently involve city, county, state, and federal legislation and actions.  Gila Watch firmly believes that government has grown out of control, and the most effective way to preserve our Republic begins at the local level.  When citizens assert their Civic Authority locally, they easily transfer those skills to Arizona and America.

We promote the concepts of limited government, low taxes, free enterprise, and personal responsibility. The opinions expressed and topics presented are rarely found on TV, radio, or in the newspaper. 

Anita Christy, editor and publisher of both Gila Watch and Gilbert Watch, has been self-employed in Arizona for over 20 years.  She currently owns and operates a health insurance agency.  She has volunteered her time in Northern Arizona,  as a volunteer EMT, wildland fire fighter, search and rescue technician, and high angle rope rescue technician.  Ms. Christy was the recipient of the Americans for Prosperity-Arizona 2011 Grassroots Activist of the Year award.  In February 2013, she was the recipient of the Ronald Reagan Achievement Award For Outstanding Dedication and Involvement in the Maricopa County Republican Committee.