An Endorsement for Tim Wright, Candidate for Gila County Superior Court Judge

by Darlene Younker
Payson, Arizona

"Who we elect as Judge for our county has long term effects on all of us, and since several people have asked me who is the best candidate for Superior Court Judge, here are my thoughts. 

"I would urge you to consider voting for Tim Wright for Superior Court Judge in Gila County.  I have known Tim for many years.  He is a God-fearing, honest, and ethical person. He has the experience necessary to make good decisions according to the law.  He will tell you that judges should not legislate laws from the bench.  They must only apply the law.  If the citizens don’t like the law, we must change the law, not allow judges to decide by themselves which laws they will apply and which ones they won’t.

"Please join with me in voting for Tim Wright for Superior Court Judge. 

"This election for judge is too important to ignore."

Gila Watch agrees with Darlene Younker in support of Tim Wright. He is a man of integrity who will firmly, compassionately, apply the law, not legislate from the bench.  His thinking is based on three major areas:  Justice, Mercy, and Humility.

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