Andy Tobin Makes Friends in Mexico, Forfeits them in CD1

Did you happen to catch this recent article in Seeing Red Arizona?

And I quote:

Tobin’s disregard of his constituency is reaching epic proportions. He’s so busy making regular expeditions to Mexico that he’s neglecting the very voters he needs to connect with and retain. As an example, Pinal County, with the most Republican voters in CD 1, held its annual county fair this weekend. The other two candidates for the Republican nomination, Rep. Adam Kwasman and  Gary Kiehne were there gaining crucial support from voters.


Tobin, arrogantly misjudging the dynamics of this primary, was in Mexico City with a pro-amnesty contingent —- including liberal Democrat Phoenix Mayor Greg Stanton and Glenn Hamer, president of the AZ Chamber of Commerce —- connecting with a different constituency at a “binational cocktail party,” according the article in the Monitor. Not only did Tobin personally skip the Pinal County opportunity, but he had no presence whatsoever. No staff. No booth, No table. No literature. He obviously doesn’t think those Pinal County Republicans are worth his time.

This is not the first time that Speaker of the House Tobin has snubbed Arizonans.  Back in September 2013, he stood up a delegation of nineteen people from Yuma County.  The group from the Yuma area represented city, county, business, and agricultural interests.  They were very concerned about a controversial water bill that Tobin had sponsored, HB2338.  They considered it a water grab of Yuma County’s rights to water from the Colorado River vital to its agriculture industry.  

It didn’t matter that they had an appointment, and had traveled to Phoenix all the way from Yuma to meet with Speaker Tobin.  He had no time for them.

Fortunately, Rep. Brenda Barton, chair of the House Ag and Water Committee, held the bill after a number of people spoke in opposition to it.  

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