Chairman Morris to Payson RoundUp: No GOP “Feuding” in Gila County

Follows is a September 2017 letter written by Gary Morris, Chairman of the Gila County Republican Committee, to the Editor of the Payson Roundup newspaper.  It seems that this newspaper, like many others across Arizona, despise Republicans and will do all possible to defeat them.  In this case, Arizona Sen. Sylvia Allen is the target.  


The Roundup recently published a front-page story titled “Feuding factions in GOP” about disagreements between State Senator Sylvia Allen and Navajo County Republican Committee Chairman Steve Slaton. It was placed at the top of the front page fold (a position generally reserved for only BIG stories).

I’m a bit confused as to why a small story in a town 100 miles away would be pertinent, or of interest, to Roundup readers to rate such an important “headline” position — except for a political punch.

Could it be that the Roundup’s true intent was to discredit REPUBLICAN State Senator Sylvia Allen? Or to also discredit any Republican candidate, committees, or clubs in Gila County?

The Roundup’s story was not about legislation, or public policy, but rather about a disagreement between two persons. Chairman Slaton made several allegations regarding Senator Allen which can’t be supported with evidence. So why publish unsubstantiated allegations? Is that fake news?

Slaton also claimed that Allen has started a “fake” Republican Party. That allegation was refuted by Navajo County Elections Director Rayleen Richards who stated no such new “party” exists. Additionally, Richards stated any group of Republicans (or Democrats) can meet as a “club” at any time.

Publishing a front-page article titled “Feuding factions in GOP” also leads the reader to assume the so called “feuding” is occurring in Gila County. Nothing could be further from the truth.

The Gila County Republican Committee is well organized, active, and successful. In 2010, Democrats led Republicans in voter registrations by 14 percent. Today, Republican registrations are 27 percent ahead of Democrats. In 2010, Democrats held all but four of the county’s 15 elected offices. Today, that has been reversed — Democrats now hold only four county offices. And for the first time in memory, all three county supervisors are Republicans.

There are two Republican clubs in Gila County; The Cobra Valley Republican Club in Globe and the Rim Country Republican Club in Payson along with the conservative Payson Tea Party. In order to advance our common goals, all three presidents of these organizations are invited to the monthly executive board meeting of the Gila County Republican Committee. And recently, the three organizations joined the county party in hosting a large dinner event with guest speakers Congressman Gosar and Senator Flake.

There is no GOP “feuding” in Gila County.

Gary P. Morris, Chairman
Gila County Republican Committee

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