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At the Gila County Republican Committee Precinct Committeemen  meeting on July 11th the Committee expressed troubling concerns about candidate Wendy Rogers legal residence, and her campaign ethics, in her run for a seat in the Arizona Senate for Legislative District 6.

Additional concerns are she has lost 5 previous elections in the state, and with that history, and in the opinion of the Committee, she may not be a viable candidate to voters in the primary election. And, if she wins the primary she will be a weak candidate going up against a Democrat in the November general election who will most certainly campaign on these irregularities. Concerns about her legal residency could result in Rogers removal from the race.

More troubling is candidate Rogers has dishonestly posted claims on social media, and  on her mailed literature, as well as on media ads, that she has numerous endorsements from community leaders, and elected officials, in District 6. Those individuals have come forward disclaiming those endorsements.

As a result of these concerns, the Gila County Republican Committee cannot endorse, nor support, the Rogers campaign until these irregularities are satisfactorily resolved. We urge the voter to consider incumbent senator Sylvia Allen for the District 6 senate seat.


Candidate Wendy Rogers has run for office 5 different times and lost every one of them. Senator Allen has won every one of her races. The Rogers losing experience has clearly demonstrated that voters do not support her true values.

Candidate Rogers has not yet demonstrated that she is lawfully a resident of Legislative District 6. She has a 3,000 square foot residence in Tempe, a short distance from her business facility and not too far from where her plane is stored. She claims a small, aged, 600 square foot mobile home in an old mobile home park, in Flagstaff, is her primary residence.  It would be a difficult 130-mile commute to run her Tempe business.

Her Flagstaff “campaign headquarters” location is a mailbox at a local UPS store.

Further, when candidate Rogers signed up for her early ballot, the Coconino County Recorder’s Office records show she used her Tempe home address to have the ballot mailed to her in Tempe.

Requests have been made to the Arizona Secretary of State and the Attorney General’s office to investigate these irregularities.

Candidate Rogers has claimed multiple endorsements from key community leaders, including a pastor in Legislative District 6. Rogers photo shopped her campaign literature to falsely reflect that she was present for the endorsement. These community  leaders have stepped forward stating that no such endorsement has been issued.

Candidate Rogers has also claimed that former U.S. Congressman Matt Salmon and former Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery endorsed her. The endorsements didn’t exist. She also claimed endorsements from current U.S. Representative Debbie Lesko and retired U.S. Senator Jon Kyl that didn’t exist, and she was forced to retract them.

In one case, candidate Rogers claimed the Arizona Citizens Defense League (a keep your gun Rights group) endorsed her and she used the League’s logo in her mailings. The organization emailed its 18,000 members denying the endorsement – and Roger refuses to withdraw that claim.

Candidate Rogers has also dishonestly used the logo of the National Rifle Association on her mailings and media spots, claiming the organization’s endorsement – which was not provided.

Several Navajo County voters have come forward to report that candidate Rogers lied to them about signing her petition early in the campaign, claiming she was the only candidate running for state Senate, when in fact, she knew that she was running against Arizona State Senator Sylvia Allen. Why is this important? First, she lied. Second, those that signed the petition, who wanted to pull the signature in order to sign Senator Allen’s petition, would have to go through the Secretary of State’s office, and complete a form, to have their name removed from Rogers petition. That’s extra effort that many voters may not take and candidate Rogers knew that.

In a previous election campaign, candidate Rogers slandered her opponent by claiming he was a sex trafficker. Law enforcement investigations have not found any evidence to that claim. Rogers is being sued for that indiscretion and will likely lose.

Candidate Rogers, during her previous 5 lost campaigns, has regularly used this kind of character assassination on her opponents. It is the opinion of the Committee that Rogers is doing the same on Senator Allen, with intent, and with false allegations, and without verifying facts.

Candidate Rogers has a $400,000 “plus” war chest, greater than any previous state candidate has raised, and records show nearly all that money comes from out of state, such as from Washington, D.C. and Colorado, etc. and those donors have no interest in Arizona needs.  The big question is what influence these outside donors will have on Rogers legislative activity if she gets elected.


“It’s the Committee’s opinion , that anyone with practical logic, and an open mind, can see that candidate Rogers claim of a legitimate primary residency in Flagstaff is a scam.”

“With much of the $400,000 in contributions coming from out of state who will Rogers be beholding to? Legislative District 6 voters? Or to out of state sources?”

“Probably not District 6 residents”.

“Research reflects that candidate Rogers has never permanently lived in, nor likely spent any significant time at her Flagstaff mobile home or in District 6. She doesn’t know the District nor its needs. She an urban gal trying to be a cowgirl up here.”

“Rogers history of foul ethics in previous, and in the current campaign, hurt the reputations of all Republicans and the Gila County Republican Committee  cannot support her campaign tactics.”


Gary Morris, Chairman, Gila County Republican Committee. 602-803-7366. mercurymorris@hotmail.com

Dwight Kadar, Precinct Committeeman, Sedona. 218-610-0725. dwightkadar@yahoo.com