Gila County GOP: Democrats are Ahead of Us!

According to Gary Morris, Chairman of the Gila County Republican Committee:

"The latest assessment of the LD6 race with Sylvia Allen, Brenda Barton, and Bob Thorpe is that the Democrats have mailed in far more early ballots than Republicans. So, there may be a bunch of early ballots in the hands of Republicans in the County who haven’t mailed them yet (perhaps not even filled out yet) OR those Republicans believe a Republican win is in the bag and don’t plan to vote.

"We all have done a lot of hard work for our Republican candidates and I’d hate to have that effort and a victory spoiled at the last minute."

Please advise your Republican friends, family, and neighbors that it is too late to mail their early ballots.  Please encourage them to do the following:

1.  TAKE their completed, signed, sealed early ballot to the Gila County Recorder’s Office, either in Payson or Globe.  The address in Payson is 201 W Frontier St. Phone (928) 474-7198.  The address in Globe is Gila County Courthouse, 1400 E Ash St., Phone (928) 402-8740.


2.  TAKE their completed, signed, sealed early ballot to ANY polling place on Tuesday, Nov. 4.


3.  If they do NOT have an early ballot, GO to their designated polling place on Tuesday, Nov. 4, and VOTE a straight Republican ticket.  

Chairman Morris has organized a phone brigade!  Please contact him at directly at 602-803-7366 ASAP.

See Gila Watch Voting Recommendations:  Nov. 4, 2014 Election!