Gila County Republican Party Withdraws Support to Speaker Boehner

Coming on the heels of its recent censure of Senator John McCain, the Gila County Republican Party has sent a letter to Speaker of the House John Boehner withdrawing support for him as Speaker.  

Here is Chairman Gary Morris’s letter which was sent to John Boehner last week: 

"The Gila County Republican Party must express its utter disappointment regarding your recent December rant reprimanding the Tea Party and other conservative Republicans. Your comments were stunningly negative and disregarded Republican principles.

"Surely you remember the huge Republican victory in 2010 that led to your elevation to Speaker of the House. That election delivered a 63 member Republican gain and was historic, in that it was the largest gain in a mid-term election in 70 years. Much of the gain has been attributed to Tea Party support of "conservative" candidates. It would seem that wise politicians would want to pull those voters who got them elected into the fold and continue winning rather than publically criticize or reprimand them.

"Conservatism does win. For example, my county, Gila County, Arizona, has been a Democrat voter registration majority as well as a majority of Democrats elected to office since statehood in 1912 – until the elections of 2012.

"The Gila County Republican Committee embraced Tea Party members and other conservatives. We have coordinated our efforts to get Republicans elected. As a result, the county surpassed the Democrats in voter registrations in 2011 for the first time since 1912. More important, the 2012 elections also saw Republicans equal the number of Democrats elected to office for the first time since 1912. The Sheriff was the first Republican elected in 100 years. We wisely chose to embrace conservatism, and we continue winning. You have foolishly chosen to oppose conservatism and will lose.

"We are also greatly disappointed in your lack leadership as Speaker on a number of issues including: failure to develop a consolidated plan for replacing Obama Care and failure to implement a Select Committee to investigate the terrorist attack on Benghazi. We are flabbergasted that you would allow a budget that reduces military pensions. You have shown incompetence and impotency as Leader. You are allowing events to drag you to delayed decisions rather than being pro-active and in front of events.

"Based on your declared intent to oppose conservatism, and poor leadership as Speaker, the Gila County Republican Party can no longer support your position as Speaker of the House of Representative."

Click HERE to see the signed letter.  

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