Irene Littleton – The Best Choice for Arizona Senate in LD8

According to her website, Irene Littleton has been a Republican "since birth," and worked on behalf of Barry Goldwater.  I’ve known her since she was a TEA Party leader in Pinal County.  There is no doubt that she is a strong conservative who understands very well the most serious issues facing Arizona.  She knows that Common Core is a top-down nationalization of our K-12 educational system.  She knows that Medicaid Expansion shifts the cost of insurance onto the shoulders of the taxpayers and facilitates Obamacare.  She knows that we must fight against the influx of illegal aliens through our porous border.    She knows that the only way to protect our First Amendment Rights is by protecting our Right to Bear Arms. 

Her opposing candidates include two people who are either in favor of Medicaid Expansion, or remain ignorant about Common Core and Medicaid Expansion.  I have to wonder on which planet these two gentlemen live?  

Regarding Common Core, Alan Pease states, "I don’t know enough about it…..”  Regarding the Medicaid Expansion vote, Alan Pease states, "….not totally up on it.  Don’t understand enough and can’t take a stand."  Click HERE to listen to the interview, at 1-2 minutes, and again at 32 minutes.

Regarding the Medicaid expansion vote in the Arizona legislature, in which several Republicans broke ranks and voted with the Democrats, Harold Vangilder would have voted with the Democrats.  Click HERE.  Listen to the interview at the 24 minute mark.  

Vangilder recounts a statement that he heard U.S. Congressman Paul Gosar make.  What’s interesting is that Dr. Gosar, a dentist, states on his website:  "It is estimated the Medicaid expansion alone would cost the state of Arizona $1 billion a year for the next 10 years."  Click HERE for his statement. 

So, who bails out the hospitals?  Arizona’s taxpayers.    Who pays the health insurance costs for virtually one fourth of  Arizona’s population?  Arizona’s taxpayers.  

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