Letter to the Editor: EPA Rules Biased Against Native Americans

Elouise Justice, a precinct committeeman with the Gila County Republican Committee, recently wrote a Letter to the Editor of the Payson Round-Up.  It was published on April 25, 2014.

Dear Editor:

The Navajo Generating Station, near Page, Ariz., provides power to Nevada, Arizona, California and Indian Nations. The Environ­mental Protection Agency has demanded more stringent regulations be put in place to alleviate perceived unhealthy air pollution, which doesn’t exist. The EPA will allow the Navajo Generating Station to continue operation until the year of 2019, which is when the extended original lease expires.

The lease can be renegotiated at the time, but only with the approval of the Secretary of the Interior, who will have to receive a completed study by the EPA, which usually takes as long as five years (anyone remember the Keystone Pipeline?).

The EPA will allow the NGS to continue operations until 2044 if $1.1 billion is spent on equipment that costs annually $20 million to operate. Prior to investing in such a horrific venture, the owners have to wait to have the new lease in place, which will be pending until the Secretary of the Interior issues his approval.

The Kayenta Coal Mine sells 100 percent of its coal to the Navajo Generating Station. It employs 430 people, and of those 430 people, 93 percent are Native American. The total annual payroll is about $47 million.

The Navajo Generating Station has 538 employees with an annual payroll of $52 million; 83 percent of those employees are Native American.

The Central Arizona Project delivers and manages the single largest source of renewable water supply in the state of Arizona from the Colorado River. The Navajo Generating Station, located near Lake Powell on the Navajo Reservation, provides more than 90 percent of the power Central Arizona Project needs to deliver the water.

Coal is used to generate 37 percent of the nation’s electricity.

Elouise Justice

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