Letter to the Editor of the Payson Roundup

Donald Cline of Payson, Arizona, sent the following Letter to the Editor to Pete Aleshire, the editor of the Payson Roundup.  Mr. Aleshire has not published it.  Mr. Cline advised Gila Watch that Mr. Aleshire hasn’t published any of Mr. Cline’s letters to his newspaper for months.  Gila Watch appreciates the opportunity to publish Mr. Cline’s letter. 


Pete Aleshire’s column, “The Greasy Pole,” postulates that “Obamacare (is) good for some, troubling for others” and entirely misses the point of the argument about Obamacare.  Mr. Aleshire’s column is about the perceived value system of one side of the federal health care debate versus the perceived value system of the other side, and concludes the discussion by throwing out both sides and asserting Mr. Aleshire’s own value system – which has no more bearing on the debate than any other.

It has no bearing on the debate because the debate is not about value systems.  The debate is about principles, a concept totally absent from Mr. Aleshire’s column, and clearly absent from any branch of the federal government as it is currently administered.

The principle at issue in this debate is the principle of liberty from government intrusion into private affairs of the citizens and robbery of their productive labor for unauthorized purpose.  Does the United States Constitution, the written document that established the government of the United States and delegated to it the only lawful authority it has, delegate any authority whatever to the U.S. government to rob Peter to pay Paul’s medical bills?

No, it does not.  And the Tenth Amendment flatly prohibits the U.S. government from doing so.

The first one hundred years of our nation’s existence saw the greatest improvement in the living standard of the average man, woman, and child in more than 25 centuries.  This was the direct result of a nation founded on the hard and fast principle that government was to employ a monetary system the people could trust and otherwise leave the people alone to handle their own affairs.  We didn’t need someone else to pay our medical bills, because what we earned was ours, not government’s, and the money we earned was honest wealth, not bank-issued debt as it has been since 1913.  Charity abounded to those who deserved it, but it was a personal choice, not government’s.

Then the socialists got their hooks into us.  It took another hundred years, but now it has been so long since government left people alone to prosper that even newspaper editors seem totally unaware that a federal government not deriving every iota of its authority from that delegated to it by the United States Constitution, is by definition an illegal rogue occupation government no better than any other criminal marauder.

Donald L. Cline
Payson, Arizona