Misplaced Priorities

by Payson resident Don Cline

(This is Mr. Cline’s response to a recent letter to the editor of the Payson Roundup.  You can read Mr. Cline’s letter HERE.)

Misplaced priorities, according to Larry Brophy, hurts all Americans (Roundup, Jan.14), and he is right.  Mr. Brophy illustrates this perfectly, but not in the way he thinks.

Obamacare is the misplaced priority; it is illegal, unConstitutional, incredibly expensive, and has cost thousands of people their healthcare.  Thank God for Tea Party Republicans; they are trying to abolish it, and that is the highest priority there is.

The Republicans have been doing something about the 20 million Americans unable to find work; they’ve been doing everything they can to stop the Democrat spending spree and reduce taxes so the money could be used to build businesses and stimulate the economy.  If America has the highest inequality of wealth in history, it’s because the Democrats like it that way:  They could stop spending us into bankruptcy and let the producers of wealth put the workers to work.  It’s been proven time and time again:  Reducing taxes stimulates the economy and puts people to work.  But Mr. Brophy and his sycophants in the White House and Senate will have none of it.

Mr. Brophy thinks 9/11 never happened, Benghazi never happened, the Boston Marathon Bombing never happened, dozens of other terrorist attacks on U.S. soil and elsewhere never happened.  We are being attacked regularly; does Mr. Brophy think our enemies will go home and pound sand if we eviscerate our military?

Complaining about corporations is getting old:  It’s been proven over and over again, corporations pay more taxes than all others combined, and provide the most jobs.

Federal minimum wage?  Here’s a fact:  Workers must produce more than they cost in wages and benefits, or no one can afford to hire them.  The bottom 20% of the economy will continue to receive less and less household income the higher the federal or State minimum wage goes. 

Yes, let’s do something about the 50 million Americans who can’t see a doctor when they’re sick:  Let’s get the federal government out of the way of the economy.  Then market competition will make healthcare affordable to all because people will have jobs and will have competitive choices when they need healthcare.

Yes, all these problems have solutions, but those solutions do not reside in the federal government.  If the government would get out of the way, the businesses and people could solve their own problems.  Mr. Brophy and his friends in the White House and Senate are the ones with the misplaced priorities.

Donald L. Cline
Payson, AZ

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