Obama’s Energy Policy Destroys Jobs

By Andy McKinney

Internal stresses and conflicts in an organization can be just as fatally detrimental as outside attacks.  We see these internal contradictions in the Obama administration causing serious damage to Americans .  The administration cries out for job creation and energy independence but, as we shall see, thwarts the creation of both by deliberate, if badly misguided, policy.

Environmental Extremists Stop Domestic Oil Production

Off the coast of Alaska in the Chukchi Sea, oil companies have successfully bid on the right to drill for oil.  They have paid their money and are ready to begin drilling.  The environmental industry has sued to delay the exploratory drilling on the usual basis.  Please note that the whole lease bidding process has been completed.  The time for debate has ended.  The arguments have been heard from all sides, and the lease sale has proceeded to its conclusion.  No one was denied his opinion at the proper time.  The arguments are over. But that is not good enough for the enviro-extremists.  Their goal is to cause as much delay, disruption, and expense to the drillers (and at the end of the day to you and me) as is humanly possible. 

 What would happen to you if you paid for a new transmission for your car and then were not allowed to have the transmission installed?  You would have spent money to no good purpose.  The money that should have gone to the repair might have gone to some other good purpose but is instead tied up in limbo, doing nothing.  Multiply this by every project connected with energy, every road project, every building project, and so on across the country and you begin to sense the scale of waste of our financial resources in our country.  It is as if money has no meaning, as if every dime of wealth we have does not come, in the end, from the sweat and inspiration of our citizens.

Obama’s EPA Destroys Coal Industry in Arizona

Does the Obama administration rush to mitigate these wasteful, un-necessary excesses?  Nope.  Right here in Arizona we have a large coal fired power plant, owned by our Navajo friends.  The EPA has mandated that they install scrubbers to clean up the particulates coming from the plants, scrubbers which cost the Navajo’s $48,000,000.  Before the installation of the scrubbers could be finished, the Obama EPA changed the rules again.  The scrubbers are not enough.  Now new equipment that exceeds the original cost of the plants must be installed.  This is a blatant attempt at destroying the coal industry in Arizona and beggaring the Navajo Nation and the Hopi workers.  And it just might work.

 Does the Obama administration rush to mitigate these wasteful, un-necessary excesses? Nope.

Obama Administration Destroys Domestic Gas and Oil Pipelines

There are two pipeline projects in play right now in our glorious nation.  One is a gas line that runs from the Rockies to Oregon.  It is currently underway.  The other will bring oil from our pals in Canada into the American heartland.  The Canadian pipeline is very significant in several ways.  First and foremost, it will bring market priced oil to oil hungry America.  Second, the sale of the oil will buff up the economy of our major trading partner and best friend.  Finally, it will deny vast sums of money to less than friendly oil suppliers outside our hemisphere, Arabs and others from whom we would ordinarily turn to for our oil needs. 

The gas line, entirely within the U.S., has been delayed by petty attempts to preserve every scrap of the history of our pre-Columbian ancestors.  It seems that the ancient travelers would set up a pile of rocks, a very small pile, as way points or directional signs for fellow tribesmen.  Not only must the pipeline company pay to identify any antique artifacts, but the line itself must be detoured around the little pile of rocks.  If you have ever had your roof replaced, your decks refurbished, or a landscaper work in your yard, you understand how expensive even short delays can be to a project.  Here we have vital energy sources delayed because of rock piles of absolutely zero scientific or historic importance.  Zero importance.

The line from Canada is a bit more interesting.  No one can say that we do not need the oil.  But there is a concerted effort to delay, diminish, and discount the production of oil from the Albertan oil sands reserve.  This source is attacked in Canada, the U.S., and now in Europe on a wide variety of bogus grounds.  The Europeans are demanding that a special tax be applied to Canadian oil sands energy, over and above what is charged for oil from, say, Algeria.  In America, the opponents of the pipeline say that the line itself is dangerous (never mind the hundreds of thousands of miles of pipelines that already, safely and steadily, pump liquids of all sorts across our land) and that the particular oil from Canada is particularly icky.  Delays in building the pipeline result in fewer jobs in America and in Canada.  Delays in the delivery of oil result in the further enrichment of people who don’t like us and the impoverishment of people who do like us.  Does this sound in any way reasonable?

Obama Administration Increases Energy Prices, Helps our Enemies, Impoverishes Americans 

The Obama administration in case after case deliberately throws sand into the working of energy projects of all sorts, except the projects that their buddies own.  Is this a deliberate crusade to make fossil based energy (and atom based energy also) so unnecessarily expensive as to make even wind turbines and solar cell generated electricity competitive?  Maybe.  The result is more expensive energy to you and me, fewer jobs for us and our children, and enrichment of our opponents rather than ourselves or our friends.

 Why doesn’t our federal government get the heck out of the way of the people and let us solve some of the problems that face us?  Maybe it isn’t about problem solving.  Maybe it is simply about power.  But maybe the internal contradictions in this administration will break it apart.  Maybe we the people have noticed that Obama calls ardently for more jobs, for more energy, but then stands in the way of each, as you and I become poorer and poorer.

It think it stinks to high heaven, and I don’t like it.  But they do.

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