Our Conservative Candidates Need Your Help

Submitted by Shirley Dye
Payson Conservative Leader

If you have not donated a mere $5 to every statewide conservative candidate running clean elections, please do so today.  NOW is a good time to do that. Here’s the link: http://www.azsos.gov/equal.

Also, the following statewide candidates need your financial assistance.  Whether they are running "traditional," and don’t need $5 clean elections money, or not, all of them need money in order to purchase flyers, brochures, yard signs, radio and print ads, etc., to get their message to the voting public.

Brenda Barton, AZ House (LD6)  (Traditional) at www.barton4az.com

Chester Crandell, AZ Senate (LD6) (Traditional) especially needs donations of any amount.  This excellent conservative has been targeted by a liberal opponent running as an Independent.  PLEASE donate at www.electchestercrandell.com   

Diane Douglas,  Superintendent of Public Instruction (Clean Elections)  http://dianedouglas.com and http://www.azsos.gov/equal
Doug Little, Arizona Corporation Commission (one of the most important agency in the state) (Clean Elections) http://www.corpcomm2014.com/home.php and http://www.azsos.gov/equal

Tom Forese, Arizona Corporation Commission  (Clean Elections) http://www.corpcomm2014.com/home.php and http://www.azsos.gov/equal

Bob Thorpe, AZ House (L6) at www.thorpe4az.com.  Bob will be on the Clean Elections site for $5.00 donations in the next few days.    

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