Payson TEA Party Meeting April 17: Senator Judy Burges (LD 22) and Lyle Rapacki

The Payson Tea Party will host two speakers on Thursday April 17.  Arizona Senator Judy Burgess will provide an update on key bills and the state budget.  Lyle Rapaki of Sentinel Intelligence Services, will provide a briefing on matters related to Arizona sovereignty threats and national security interests.  The meeting will be held from 6:00-8:00 pm at Tiny’s Restaurant, 600 Arizona Highway 260, Payson.  

Conservative Candidates Need Your Help!

Support Conservative Candidates by signing their petitions online and help them get on the ballot!  If they do not get enough signatures, they cannot get on the Primary ballot.   Two important offices are the Superintendent of Public Instruction (Diane Douglas) and the Arizona Corporation Commission (Doug Little and Tom Forese).  Whoever gets elected will be dealing with very hot statewide issues in the next four years. 

Candidates need $5.00 Clean Elections contributions too.  

Go To Arizona Secretary of State – E-QUAL  to sign the petitions online candidates of your choice and contribute $5 to the Clean Election candidates. Candidates can get half of their signatures and half of their $5 contributions this way.  

You need to provide your AZ drivers license number, date of birth, and email address.  It is a secure site.  Once you provide this information, you will be directed to a list of the candidates needing the $5.00 donation.  You can donate to as many candidates as you wish in each election category for the number of openings for that office.  You can pay by “pay pal,” or your credit/debit card.