Rep. Brenda Barton (LD6) Interviewed on Hair on Fire

Rep. Brenda Barton (LD6) is featured in this Hair on Fire radio interview with Barbara Espinosa. Rep. Barton has done a great job in the legislature, voting against the Medicaid Expansion and in doing all possible to remove Common Core (aka Arizona’s College & Career Ready Standards) from Arizona. Brenda is a staunch supporter of agriculture in Arizona, which contributes billions of dollars to our economy!  Brenda also focuses on water issues, to ensure that these resources support Arizonans.

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Barbara Espinosa included the following biography about Rep Barton on the American Freedom by Barbara blog:

Born in Arizona’s Gila Valley, Representative Barton is a fifth generation native of rural Arizona. In 1871, her great-great grandfather established the first crossing on the Colorado River, and by 1880, the family settled in Lee Valley in the White Mountains. Brenda spent her early years at the family’s historic homestead in Artesia, just a few miles south of the Gila River in what once was Mexico.   Brenda’s Roots and Boots are firmly planted in the rich red soil of Arizona. 
Retiring in 2008 from over 20 years with the City of Safford, Brenda knows the value of hard work.  She was first elected to the Arizona House of Representatives in 2010 and now serves Legislative District 6 an area stretching from the Grand Canyon through Sedona east to the White Mountains.  Representative Barton has quickly moved up in leadership and now serves as Chairman of the House Committee for Agriculture and Water.
Representative Barton…
·       Serves on the North American Council of the State Agriculture and Rural Leaders Legislative Summit;
·       Is the Arizona Chairman of the National State Legislator’s Article V State’s Convention;
·       Represents Arizona as a task force member of the Council of State Governments-Western States;
·       Is a Graduate of the Western Legislative Academy;
·       A Graduate of the Dodie -Londen Excellence in Public Service Leadership Program;
·       And a Past State Director for the AZ Federation of Republican Women.
Since taking the Chair of Ag and Water, a chairmanship once held by one of the Legislature’s most iconic figures Jake Flake, Representative Barton has made Arizona’s agricultural industry and the security of Arizona’s future water supplies her prime focus.
To those who have come to know her, Brenda is known for her love of the land and her honest welcoming style. Brenda’s prime guiding principle is, “Do no harm.”  She strongly believes that the role of government is to facilitate a business environment in which job creation and economies may flourish.
Brenda can best be described as a "pragmatic, independent minded, conservative."
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