Center for Self-Governance: Upcoming Classes

Please consider attending the Foundations for Self Governance Class Level 1, to be presented in Globe on Tuesday January 14,  9 am-5:30 pm.  The $40.00 fee includes a great workbook, and is very much worth the investment.  We will meet at the Republican Headquarters in Globe at 424 N. Broad Street.  You may take your lunch, or we will order pizza.  (We will request a contribution toward lunch).  Shirley Dye will be carpooling from Payson, leaving about 7:15 am, so if you want a ride, please let her know.  (928-468-1131).

This class will help you understand how we can bring our out of control government back under control, and with less stress than we are doing now trying to put out fires, issue by issue.  The Level 1 class is a great historical introduction about how a Republic is meant to be run, and how we can once again be the “government of the people, by the people and for the people.”  Call Shirley for more info  928-468-1131.

Level 1 – Foundations in Self-Governance.  $40 

Tuesday, Jan. 14, 2014, 9am-5:30pm
Globe Republican Headquarters
424 N. Broad St., Globe, AZ 85501

Level 2-Communicating for Effective Self-Governance.  $50 
March 4, 9am-5:30pm  $50
Gila County Location to be announced

All courses are 8 hours and include a workbook.

Courses may be re-taken as an audit for $10.
Register at or at the door.
Class fee may be paid online or at the door.

Questions? Email
Call Sam at 928.205.1375 Or Tracy at 480.529.1123

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