Senator Sylvia Allen vs Wendy Rogers


If you live in Gila County, and specifically in Legislative District 6, you have probably received a massive amount of hideous mailings from Wendy Rogers assassinating the character and voting record of incumbent Senator Sylvia Allen

The Truth is, due to the many lies Wendy Rogers has told, even the Gila Country Republican Committee (an organization that goes to extreme lengths to be unbiased during the Primary)  couldn’t stomach it any longer.  Chairman Gary Morris has issued a Press Release identifying a long list of “concerns.”  The Arizona Daily Independent had reported on Rogers’ multiple false endorsements. Among them was Rogers’ lie about her endorsement from the Arizona Citizens Defense League (AzCDL) and dishonest use of the National Rifle Association (NRA) logo in her mailings.  

The AzCDL set the record straight about Rogers’ false claims, as reported in the July 8 issue of the Arizona Daily Independent.

“The Arizona Citizens Defense League does NOT endorse any candidate for public office or get involved in any elections.  We are no longer associated with any political action committee, and do NOT give our permission for any candidate, political committee, or other entity to use our name and logo for any purpose.  Any claim of an endorsement from the AzCDL, or any use of our logo for such purposes, should be considered illegitimate, and subject to potential legal action.

As for Rogers’ unethical use of the NRA logo, Wendy Rogers received a ? rating from the National Rifle Association. What does a ? rating mean? “Refused to answer the NRA-PVF candidate questionnaire or a candidate who has made contradictory statements or taken positions that are inconsistent with the candidate’s answers to the NRA-PVF candidate questionnaire or previous record. A rating of “?” often indicates indifference, if not outright hostility, to gun owners’ and sportsmen’s rights.” See What the Grades Mean.

Speaking of Rogers’ endorsements, many others are also false:

“A cursory review of recent social media postings also shows that Rogers has dishonestly and falsely claimed endorsements by Matt Hamilton, Owner of Taylor Solar Exchange; Larry Titus, Principal of Snowflake High School; and David Marshall, Pastor of Snowflake Calvary Chapel, Gary Brimhall, Snowflake City Council and Mary Louise Flake wife of former State Senator Jake Flake.”

And that’s not all! As stated in the Gila Country Republican Committee Press Release, Rogers has also lied about the following “endorsements.”

“Candidate Rogers has also claimed that former U.S. Congressman Matt Salmon and former Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery endorsed her. The endorsements didn’t exist. She also claimed endorsements from current U.S. Representative Debbie Lesko and retired U.S. Senator Jon Kyl that didn’t exist, and she was forced to retract them.”

Another blatant Rogers’ Falsehood is her assertion that she resides in LD6.  See the State Financial Disclosure Statement. The issue is well stated in the GCRC Press Release:

“Candidate Rogers has not yet demonstrated that she is lawfully a resident of Legislative District 6. She has a 3,000 square foot residence in Tempe, a short distance from her business facility and not too far from where her plane is stored. She claims a small, aged, 600 square foot mobile home in an old mobile home park, in Flagstaff, is her primary residence.  It would be a difficult 130-mile commute to run her Tempe business…Her Flagstaff “campaign headquarters” location is a mailbox at a local UPS store…Further, when candidate Rogers signed up for her early ballot, the Coconino County Recorder’s Office records show she used her Tempe home’s address to have the ballot mailed to her in Tempe.”

Rogers also has a history of falsely attacking the character and integrity of her opponents. See Lawsuit vs Rogers to Proceed for Tying Modeling Agency to Sex Trafficking. She has also used tactics that are nothing short of reprehensible. See GOP House Candidate Uses James Foley Execution Footage In Campaign Ad. . As stated in the GCRC Press Release:

“In a previous election campaign, candidate Rogers slandered her opponent by claiming he was a sex trafficker. Law enforcement investigations have not found any evidence to that claim. Rogers is being sued for that indiscretion and will likely lose…Candidate Rogers, during her previous 5 lost campaigns, has regularly used this kind of character assassination on her opponents. It is the opinion of the Committee that Rogers is doing the same on Senator Allen, with intent, and with false allegations, and without verifying facts.”

Wendy Rogers’ financial war chest has come primarily from out of state.  See Wendy Rogers Campaign Finances. Again, from the GCRC Press Release:

“Candidate Rogers has a $400,000 “plus” war chest, greater than any previous state candidate has raised, and records show nearly all that money comes from out of state, such as from Washington, D.C. and Colorado, etc. and those donors have no interest in Arizona needs.  The big question is what influence these outside donors will have on Rogers legislative activity if she gets elected.”

Dwight Kadar, a Yavapai County Precinct Committeeman and Arizona Congressional District 1 Delegate to the RNC National Convention next month in Jacksonville, Florida sums up her lack of integrity and character perfectly:

,“In my opinion, it’s all about a pattern of unethical behavior displayed by the Rogers campaign, which has been caught numerous times falsifying endorsements.  And now, the Rogers campaign has resorted to illegally claiming an endorsement by AzCDL on its recent mailer.  Anyone who is willing to blatantly lie in a campaign, should never be elected to office.  Maybe this is why Rogers, who has run for office for the past ten years, has never won a general election race.”

In contrast, Senator Sylvia Allen has honestly received an A rating from the National Rifle Association. She really and truthfully has been endorsed by the Arizona Police Association, Arizona State Troopers Association, as well as Yavapai County Sheriff Scott Mascher. Senator Allen has a long history of supporting our Second Amendment Rights, and has often hosted a “Shoot Out” gun competition for over 12 years, which includes a BBQ. The tradition is to auction off a gun.

As stated by Terry Putnam, who has attended and competed:

“I have personally been to fund-raising shooting matches on Senator Allen’s family ranch in Snowflake.  Her sons placed first and second in the match, but were disqualified, to get the prizes out of the family into the hands of the next best shooter. The matches are great fun, ranges well setup, and everything handled with safety and control.”

Senator Allen has received multiple endorsements, including endorsements from Andy Biggs, U.S. Congressman and President of the Freedom Caucus and from U.S. Congressman Paul Gosar. The Center for Arizona Policy Action, a very well known organization that supports and protects the sanctity of life, marriage and family, parental rights, and religious and educational freedom, has endorsed Senator Allen. She has always been a staunch advocate of every piece of legislation that honors these lives, hallowed institutions, and God-given freedoms.       

Senator Allen knows better than anyone about our unique education, water, forest, ranching, rural Arizona infrastructure, public lands, and recreation issues facing rural Arizonans.

Senator Sylvia Allen’s family settled in the White Mountains in 1876. She is a lifelong resident of northern Arizona and graduated from Snowflake High School. She has earned a long list of awards including, but not limited to The ARC – Appreciation Award for advocating for people of intellectual and developmental disabilities, 2017; Americans For Prosperity Champion of the taxpayer, 2016, 2017; and Arizona Parents for Education -Golden Apple award, 2016 and 2018. See Sylvia Allen for Senate.

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