Series Part 1- GOVERNMENT SCHOOLS – Serving “the children” or the staff??

For the last two or three generations, the local government school system funded by federal, state and local mandated taxes has filled the media with the message that they are there to serve “the children”. While that has been emblazoned in the minds of all Americans, it has become increasingly clear that this message is simply a lie. The national and state employee unions continue to demand more and more money from over burdened taxpayers while demonstrating a pitiful record of failure.

Arizona education staff and activists have consistently hammered that Arizona egregiously under-funds K-12 funding by simply reporting on only one funding source – legislative appropriations. you might ask the importance in looking at that assertion. We will look at two reports (The Superintendent’s Annual Financial Report (SAFR) and the AZ Auditor General Dollars to the Classroom Report) generated from the district records to find the real answers.

Focusing on the Payson Unified School District (PUSD), the district receives most of its revenue from public tax sources. The district also receives funds from a myriad of non-tax sources which we will not include in this series. As to the taxable sources, there are federal, state and local taxing entities. Federal tax revenues account for 9.84% of their total revenues from taxpayers, Legislative appropriations account for 29.37% of their revenue, while local property taxes account for 59.42% of their revenue and county taxes make up the minuscule balance.