Sylvia Allen Challenges Voters: You Decide

My opponent, Mr. O’Halleran, claims in all his mailers that he is a Conservative yet yesterday in our debate he spent the time beating up Conservative Republicans for reducing Education and AHCCCS during the $3 billion deficit crisis the state was going through in 2009/2010.   He also passionately defended The Medicaid Expansion saying it was not Obamacare, yet the Obama Administration asked each state to increase their Medicaid (AHCCCS) enrollees.   This has put the state on the hook for the expansion of socialized medicine.   His argument was the same old liberal line, “if we don’t take the money then some other state will get it.”  

It seems that all Liberals like O’Halleran sing the Trump theme song, “Money, Money, Money, Money.”

Does my opponent understand just where our state gets the money?  I think most politicians during the budget process think money is just numbers on the budget sheet to be manipulated at will.    Just because we have the power as Legislators to take the hard earn dollars from our citizens doesn’t mean that it is our money.  We have a sacred responsibility to use it wisely and carefully.   

This year projected revenues are coming in under what the state had budgeted for FY2015.  That means by the time we get back in session in January the Legislature must deal with a deficit that some are projecting to be around $400 million. What this means is that Arizona’s economy is still weak and struggling. The more money we take out of the economy for government the weaker the economy becomes and the bigger government gets. See what a vicious circle this is?!

Mr. O’Halleran wants to hold Conservative Republicans responsible for the reductions during the budget crises (2009/2010). I take responsibility for my votes and feel that we succeeded in moving state government through a most difficult time. I think Mr. O’Halleran is responsible for the votes he made when he was in the Legislature (2004 – 2008).  He voted against Republican leadership’s conservative budget for Governor Napolitano’s budget which increased spending year after year obligating the taxpayer to pays these increases. Then the recession hit  with the $3 billion deficit. By then he was gone and it was left up to the Republicans to clean up the mess.

Here are my solutions:

Reform all budgeting processes.  Stop excessive regulations.  Review all programs large and small.   Are they working?  Is the money getting to the problem?    Should this be a role of government?  Should local government handle this issue?  How can we really get dollars to the class room and return true local control where School Board/parents really have the power?   Promote natural resource development in our state so real wealth can be generated instead of recycling money from Washington. 

We have principles that can solve our problems if we just get beyond the same old argument that throwing money at it will fix it.   You decide.  VOTE.

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