Thank You Senator Biggs for Standing Firm

Dear Senator Biggs,

Thank you for consistently standing up for what you know is right and for being a true statesman.  Good people disagree, and many good conservatives believe that Arizona should join other states in supporting an Article V Convention to propose amendments to the United States Constitution. 

You have your reasons for opposing SCR1016.  Here are mine:

An Article Five Convention is not a magic “fix” that will protect Individual Liberties.  Until the American people take action day in and day out, or even 15 minutes a week, to preserve our Republic, there is nothing that can be written on paper that will do it for them.

Arizonans and the American people already have the power to change the Constitution if that’s their desire.  The Declaration of Independence states, “That to secure these rights, governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just Powers from the Consent of the Governed.”  The Arizona Constitution, Article 2, Sect. 2, states it like this:  “All political power is inherent in the people, and governments derive their just powers from the consent of the governed, and are established to protect and maintain individual rights.”

Conservatives aren’t the only ones who want an Article V Convention.  So does the Left.  They want to abolish Individual Liberties, not preserve them.  According to this article titled “Former Justice Stevens Wants to Change Constitution,” he believes that Americans do not have the right to protect their lives and property.  He would change the Second Amendment to make clear that only a state’s militia, not its citizens, has a constitutional right to bear arms.   .

Here’s another article on this subject:  “Socialists and Soros Fights for an Article V Convention.”  

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Center for Self Governance: Upcoming Classes

The coursework offered by the Center for Self Governance has become so popular across the state that Youth Pricing is now available.  There is a scholarship program for individuals age 18 and under.  

•    Only $15 for youth who attend with a parent or whose parent has already taken the class.

•    Only $20 for youth who attend on their own.

CSG training is recommended for ages 11 and up. Youth pricing applies to all levels of training.

If interested, please contact Mishelle at prior to the class session. Please pay at the door via cash or check.

 CSG also has two half-scholarships for Level 1 available for students age 19-25 ($20 off tuition price of $40). These were offered by an Arizona student who wants to see more young people in the classes. If you are interested, please contact Arizona CSG at

Audits will remain $10 per session.

Self-governance is exercising individual liberty, personal responsibility, and civic authority for the control of instituted government.

Did you know that Self-Governance graduates, working as Teams, have had a 100% success rate working at the local level?   They have had an 85% success rate at the state level, and 20% success rate at the federal level.  Check out this flyer

Please click HERE for a full listing of all classes coming up in Concho, Phoenix, Mesa, Tempe, Prescott Valley, Tucson, Heber, Scottsdale, Gilbert, and Flagstaff. 

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