Center for Self Governance: Upcoming Classes

The coursework offered by the Center for Self Governance has become so popular across the state that Youth Pricing is now available.  There is a scholarship program for individuals age 18 and under.  

•    Only $15 for youth who attend with a parent or whose parent has already taken the class.

•    Only $20 for youth who attend on their own.

CSG training is recommended for ages 11 and up. Youth pricing applies to all levels of training.

If interested, please contact Mishelle at prior to the class session. Please pay at the door via cash or check.

 CSG also has two half-scholarships for Level 1 available for students age 19-25 ($20 off tuition price of $40). These were offered by an Arizona student who wants to see more young people in the classes. If you are interested, please contact Arizona CSG at

Audits will remain $10 per session.

Self-governance is exercising individual liberty, personal responsibility, and civic authority for the control of instituted government.

Did you know that Self-Governance graduates, working as Teams, have had a 100% success rate working at the local level?   They have had an 85% success rate at the state level, and 20% success rate at the federal level.  Check out this flyer

Please click HERE for a full listing of all classes coming up in Concho, Phoenix, Mesa, Tempe, Prescott Valley, Tucson, Heber, Scottsdale, Gilbert, and Flagstaff. 

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Upcoming Center for Self Governance Classes

This is a reminder that the Level 2 Class will be held in PAYSON on Tuesday, March 4, from 9:00 am – 5:30 pm!  The meeting will take place at Tiny’s Restaurant, which is located at 600 Arizona Highway 260, Payson.  The cost is $60.  You can register HERE or at the door.  Be sure to bring your completed homework from Level 1.    

Level 2 – Communications in Self Governance

The Level 2 course is designed to teach argument framing, messaging, debate, and communications in strategic self-governance. Students will learn how to engage legislators, citizens, media, and opponents of self-governance. This course will give students the hands on experience needed to effectively communicate a self governance message.

Please check the Center for Self Governance website for Levels 1, 2, and 4 classes scheduled in March.  These classes teach American citizens how to exert their Civic Authority.  The voice and knowledgeable actions of just one of these citizens is worth more than 10 lobbyists! 

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Payson TEA Party Meeting Feb. 27: Impacting the Arizona Legislature

Please attend the Payson TEA Party meeting this Thursday, February 27, at Tiny’s Family Restaurant.  The guest speaker will be Jose Borrajero who will present a step by step process on how you as an Arizona voter and taxpayer can get your voice heard by legislators during their committee and legislative meetings!  This is one of the ways you can exert your civic authority, which is a major component of the Center for Self Governance classes.  

Many of you may have heard of ALIS.  This is a method whereby you can identify bills that concern you and follow them through the legislative process.  There is another very important process called RTS (Request to Speak).  See Patrick O’Malley’s article on the difference titled "ALIS and RTS:  Tools for the Politically Active."

Jose Borrajero sends regular Arizona Rapid Response Team (AZRRT) emails alerting subscribers to take action on  important bills that concern them.  See Arizona Freedom Alliance: Jose Borrajero’s Page.  

Jose is the current Second Vice Chairman of the Maricopa County Republican Committee.

Jose and his family lived under Fidel Castro’s regime before escaping to America.  See So What’s Wrong with Socialism (Part 1):  Jose Borrajero.  

The Payson TEA meeting will be held at Tiny’s Restaurant, 600 Arizona Highway 260, Payson, from 6:00 – 7:30 pm.

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ALIS and RTS: Tools for the politically active

by Patrick O’Malley
Precinct Committeeman LD12

This year there are two applications on the Arizona State Legislature website ( that every Conservative should know about. They are the Arizona Legislative Information System (ALIS, pronounced like Alice) and the Request To Speak (RTS) applications. The Progressives are on board and using RTS to out comment Conservatives by two to one, and all of their comments are read as part of Legislative Committee hearings. We need to speak up or our Legislators will be overwhelmed with comments that don’t support our views.

Both applications deal with new bills under consideration by the Legislature. They both let you search for bills of interest to you and see what committees they have to go through to get to the floor. You can mark bills of interest to you and put them in a personal list so you can check on them quickly. 


The disadvantage of the RTS application is you have to physically go to the State Capitol to create your account, or get somebody to do it for you. After that you can do everything with RTS online.  With the ALIS application you can create an account online and track bills, but you can’t make comments. This article focuses on RTS because RTS does everything ALIS does and lets you make comments that will be read in committee meetings.

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Center for Self-Governance: Upcoming Classes

Please consider attending the Foundations for Self Governance Class Level 1, to be presented in Globe on Tuesday January 14,  9 am-5:30 pm.  The $40.00 fee includes a great workbook, and is very much worth the investment.  We will meet at the Republican Headquarters in Globe at 424 N. Broad Street.  You may take your lunch, or we will order pizza.  (We will request a contribution toward lunch).  Shirley Dye will be carpooling from Payson, leaving about 7:15 am, so if you want a ride, please let her know.  (928-468-1131).

This class will help you understand how we can bring our out of control government back under control, and with less stress than we are doing now trying to put out fires, issue by issue.  The Level 1 class is a great historical introduction about how a Republic is meant to be run, and how we can once again be the “government of the people, by the people and for the people.”  Call Shirley for more info  928-468-1131.

Level 1 – Foundations in Self-Governance.  $40 

Tuesday, Jan. 14, 2014, 9am-5:30pm
Globe Republican Headquarters
424 N. Broad St., Globe, AZ 85501

Level 2-Communicating for Effective Self-Governance.  $50 
March 4, 9am-5:30pm  $50
Gila County Location to be announced

All courses are 8 hours and include a workbook.

Courses may be re-taken as an audit for $10.
Register at or at the door.
Class fee may be paid online or at the door.

Questions? Email
Call Sam at 928.205.1375 Or Tracy at 480.529.1123

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Center for Self-Governance: Upcoming Classes

Several Level 2 classes, and one Level 4 class, will be held at various sites in Arizona during the first two weeks of December.  To see all of them, please go to Center for Self-Governance is Coming to Arizona.   If you are interested in starting classes in your town or city, please contact Tracy Langston at

Go here for more information on where it all started:   Center for Self-Governance

Find out what Benjamin Franklin meant when he said, "It’s a Republic, if you can keep it."


Here’s an Overview of the Five Level Classes in Self-Governance


LEVEL 1 is designed to introduce the concepts surrounding self-governance, civic authority and bring everyone up to a common level of knowledge regarding our role in exercising our civic responsibilities and authority. This course is foundational and will lay the ground work necessary to successfully implement the lessons learned in future courses.

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Arizona Constitution Seminar: 11/23/2013

Did you know that the Arizona Constitution is comprised of only 108 pages?  Here’s the link.  The United States Constitution, including all 27 Amendments is comprised of only 21 pages.  Here’s the link.  Did you know that the Arizona Constitution provides more individual protections in some areas than the U.S. Constitution, but that it also contains some of the most destructive, progressive elements as well?  Have you heard of the Black Robe Regiment, and its recent resurgence?  Here’s the link.   Did you know that more than ever in the history of America, our religious liberties are being assaulted, and Alliance Defending Freedom is doing all possible to help?  Were you aware that when the IRS informs you that you must submit to an audit, they are violating the Fourth Amendment, unless they have obtained a search warrant and proved probable cause that you have broken a law?  Here’s the link.  

We learned this and much more at the 11/23/2013 seminar that was organized by Sue Goodchild and held at the Living Faith Center in Prescott Valley.  The cost was a mere $20, and included a wonderful catered lunch.

The speakers were Arizona Attorney General Tom Horne, Arizona Senator Chester Crandell (LD6), former Arizona Senator and Justice of the Peace Lester Pearce, and Shane Krauser, the director of the American Academy for Constitutional Education.

It was eye opening. 

Arizona Attorney General Tom Horne spoke about some of the more positive aspects of provisions found in the Arizona Constitution.  He first noted the Preamble, which is similar to the U.S. Constitution as well as other states’ constitutions all across America: 

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Center for Self Governance – Last chance for Level 1 Classes until 2014!

The Center for Self Governance as had incredible growth and demand from around the state, and leaders will be holding 3 more Level 1 classes in Arizona before 2014.  Please note that the Sun City class is coming up very quickly and will be held in two parts:  Nov. 12 and 14.  Apologies for the late notice, but it took some time to confirm all the particulars. 

Did you know that Self-Governance graduates, working as Teams, have had a 100% success rate working at the local level?   They have had an 85% success rate at the state level, and 20% success rate at the federal level.  Check out this flyer

Here are the Level 1 classes:

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