Pelosi and the Democrats want to Destroy the Navajo Nation

Thanks to Andy McKinney for the following post.  

Dear Friends,

Nancy Pelosi is attacking the Navajo nation with a fury not seen for over a century.  She and her Democrat Party allies have set their sights on the economic and social destruction of the Navajo nation.

Fify percent of the economically active people on the Navajo reservation are unemployed.  The nation participates in three interconnected operations providing $100,000,000 for the Navajo people. These are the Kayenta coal mine, the Navajo Generating Station (NGS) and the railroad that connects the two.  Losing the NGS means the loss of this entire economy, not just for the Navajo people, but also for the people who benefit and depend on it for their own livelihoods. 

Pelosi wants to close the generating station on utterly bogus environmental grounds.  

 She and her Democrat Party Pals want to crush the economic life out of the Navajos.  For her, Navajos shouldn’t be allowed to have high paying railroad, mining, or power generating jobs. For her, food stamps and poverty are all the Navajo people can aspire to.

Fortunately, the Navajo coal miners are represented by the United Mine Workers of America UMWA).  Perhaps the Democrat Party will not throw their allies in big labor under the bus in favor of their allies in the environmental wacko movement.  Ninety-eight percent of the UMWA members at Kayenta are Navajo.

Save the Navajo.  Stop the Democrat Party.

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Latest Election Results Indicate Major Override Defeats!!

As of last night, November 5, at 9:47 pm, according to Maricopa County’s Election Results, it appears that many Maricopa County voters have tired of passing school district property tax overrides and school tax bonds.  They rose up and said, "Enough! Get your fiscal house in order!"  

It’s one thing to be on the correct side of an issue, but it takes teamwork, intelligence, hard work, integrity, and persistence to get the correct side presented to the public.  The activists presenting their case in several East Valley school districts made themselves heard.  From having worked with the No to the Override Gilbert group, I can tell you that they were outspent,.  Their signs were stolen, vandalized, and sliced up.  The Mayor of Gilbert and Town Council member Eddie Cook were against them.  A group funded by organizations like Core Construction fought against them.  

Not only did a dedicated core group of Gilbert residents fight off this override, but also a magnificent group of elderly people who regularly attend Randy Hatch’s Arizona Red Mountain Patriots battled.  They live in Mesa, but are in the Gilbert School District and pay plenty in property taxes.  They organized community meetings and encouraged their fellow seniors to Vote No!.   

The following school district overrides and bond issues went down in defeat:  



Queen Creek


Unfortunately, Mesa and Phoenix continue going down the path of self-destruction.  (Mesa Mayor Scott Smith has no business being the Governor of Arizona!) 

Chandler’s override win is based on an extremely small margin of just 64 votes!  This one definitely isn’t over.  

See Maricopa County Election Results

Pinal County has reported that many of their school district overrides bit the dust, too.  


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2013 Guide to School District Overrides & Bond Measures

by Tom Jenney
Arizona Director
Americans for Prosperity
(602) 478-0146


To all Arizona Taxpayers and Parents:

Odds are good that your local school district is holding a budget override election today — Tuesday, November 5. 

Before you vote, we strongly urge you read AFP-Arizona’s Guide to School District Overrides and Bond Measures.  Here is a short URL:

Before voting for a budget override, AFP-Arizona urges taxpayers to find out how much money is already available within their districts, and how much money the district could already get into its classrooms, with current resources. 

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Think Twice Before Voting Yes to Property Tax Overrides

Before you "generously and compassionately" vote to give your local school district more money (property tax override), remember that you are taking it away from your own family, not to mention your neighbor’s.  Do you carefully assess and prioritize every spending item in your family’s budget?  Doesn’t your local school district have a fiscal responsibility to do the same?  

The truth is, our economy is not "recovering."  Unemployment is not a low 7.3%.   Inflation is not low, either.  If you believe otherwise, you might want to stop listening to the federal government and its mouthpiece, the mainstream media. There’s a light at the end of the tunnel all right.  

It’s a TRAIN.  

Here are a few articles that tell the truth.

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The War on Coal: Take Action!

by Patrick O’Malley
Precinct Committeeman LD12

On October 21 we talked about the EPA’s War on Coal and the power plants they are targeting in Arizona. The Sierra Club is bragging that they’ve closed down 150 coal power plants since 2010, and they want to make the Navajo Generating Station (NGS) in Page, AZ number 151. That’s the plant that supplies 90% of the electricity used to operate the Central Arizona Project (CAP) canal.

Those of us outside of the Page area won’t be part of the economic disaster that will take place in the Navajo Nation if NGS is shut down. They are the ones who will lose good paying jobs at the power plant and the coal mine. But everyone in Arizona will be affected, because, long term, somebody will have to pay to replace a perfectly good power plant with decades of life left in it. And that will be all of us paying more for electricity and water.

There are two EPA issues coming up right away that affect coal fired power plants in Arizona. The first is carbon capture with a deadline for the public to comment by November 8.  You can comment by email.

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Rep. Paul Gosar Rallies Thousands to Fight for Energy Jobs

The issue of jobs in Arizona is critical, as Patrick O’Malley has explained in two articles:  The War on Coal, and The War on Coal: Take Action.  Mr. O’Malley also illustrates the devastating effect that the EPA’s actions will have on raising the cost of water and electricity to all Arizonans.  Under the Obama Administration, the EPA has taken charge over our lives.  We no longer have a well behaved Rottweiler under control in our household.  The Rottweiler has taken control.    

As you can see from this press release issued by Republican Congressman Paul Gosar, he’s helping us fight off the EPA’s belligerance.  But he cannot do it alone!  Patrick O’Malley has provided two sample emails that you can send to the EPA, copying him, so he can physically and publicly hand them to the EPA at the hearing on November 14.  The carbon letter must be emailed by Nov. 8.  The NOx letter must be emailed by Nov. 14.  Please copy Patrick O’Malley on both of these emailed letters.  His email address is

Here is Rep. Gosar’s Press Release:

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Is Power from the Navajo Generating Station too Costly for CAP?

by Patrick O’Malley

Central Arizona Project (CAP) provides Maricopa, Pinal, and Pima counties with 1.5 million acre feet of water every year. Navajo Generating Station (NGS) is the major source of electrical power to CAP, and electricity is CAP’s biggest operating expense. NGS continues to be one of the biggest problems facing CAP.

The EPA Wants $1.1 Billion in Pollution Controls

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) wants NGS to add additional pollution controls with a price tag of $1.1 billion. A letter of understanding by the Directors of the EPA, the Department of the Interior, and the Department of Energy in January gave NGS more time to study the issue, but it’s not likely to change the answer.  All three of those Directors at the EPA have since resigned, so it’s not up to them anymore.

Recently Rep. Matt Salmon sent a letter to the EPA asking them to take into account the economic impact on Arizona of additional pollution controls at NGS for negligible air quality improvement.   The EPA has been known to take economic issues into account in the past. But will they do it for a coal fired power plant?

Navajo Tribal Council Wants 15 Times More in Lease Payments

Plus, there’s a new problem for NGS.   The Navajo Generating Station is located on Navajo Nation land, and the coal it burns comes from a mine on Navajo land.  Both the lease and the coal mining agreement are up for renegotiation.

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