Arizona Senator Sylvia Allen to Speak at Payson TEA Meeting

AZ LD6 Senator Sylvia Allen is the featured speaker tonight, Thursday, December 10,  at Tiny’s Restaurant, 600 East Highway 260, Payson.  This is a meeting of the Payson Tea Party, from 6:00 pm -7:45 pm.  The public is encouraged to attend.  Senator Allen will discuss energy, land, and education issues.  There will be time for questions and answers.

Also, Senator Allen recently spoke before the Democratic Women of Rim Country Club meeting on Tuesday, December 8,  “…to participate in a dialogue discussing political differences and looking for areas where we might work together.”

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Obama’s Radical War on the Navajo Nation and Rural Arizonans

In this video, you will see that West Virginia is suffering 6.9% unemployment, due to the Obama Administration’s determination to shut down the coal industry with excessive regulations, thanks to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).  There is no mention of the more than 50% unemployment suffered by 300,000 Navajos, or the destruction of jobs in Northern Arizona!    

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Please STOP the EPA’s War on Coal in Northern Arizona: Sen. Sylvia Allen

Please submit your comments to the EPA expressing your opposition to the jobs-killing "Clean Power Plan."   The environmentalist groups–who don’t live anywhere near Northern Arizona–are writing in favor of the plan four to one.  We need your comments!  The letter Arizona Senator Sylvia Allen used to submit a comment is below.  You are welcome to use all or part of it, but please write how this plan will affect you and your family. 

Here are the instructions to submit your comments:

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The Impact of Coal Restrictions on the Navajo Nation: Sen. Carlyle Begay

In announcing his recent decision to change from the Democrat to the Republican Party, Arizona Senator Carlyle Begay spoke of unemployment rates as high as 80% in his district.   He also stated that future progress in Arizona has to include partnerships with rural and tribal communities.  It is the Republican party that has embraced these crucial partnerships, which are the cornerstone of the future of our state.

As a rural Arizonan living in Gila County, I understand some of the concerns that we share.  Rural and tribal Arizonans live in and of the land.  We are sustained by it.  We respect and love it.  Rural Arizona offers rich natural resources that have fed, clothed, sheltered, and provided energy and water to millions of people.  

The Democrat Party has waged war on our livestock, timber, and coal industries, the very industries that sustain Arizona’s rural and tribal communities.    

Back in July 2015, then Democrat Senator Carlyle Begay spoke at the Heartland Institute’s International Conferences on Climate Change

Please see a summary of Senator Begay’s speech following the video.  

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Arizona Sen. Carlyle Begay: “We Must See Ourselves in a Whole New Light”

As noted in a November 24 news articleSenator Carlyle Begay has recently changed from the Democrat to Republican Party.  I have never met Sen. Begay, but I’ve observed him and heard his remarks during the last legislative session.  He is a highly intelligent, thoughtful, well-educated man.  Both Democrats and Republicans can politicize his decision all they want, but I know that he will be guided by his convictions, not politics, whenever he casts his votes.  The welfare of his constituents, many of whose ancestors were the First Arizonans, will rank far above either party.  He believes that the time has come for his people to achieve prosperity. In fact, he wants all Arizonans to prosper.  Please watch this video.  Notice the many terms and phrases that he uses.  This is what the Republican Party stands for.  

In the following video, you will gain some insight into why Senator Begay is adamant that "change must happen" and why he believes it is the Republican Party that is working to find solutions that will help the people that Sen. Begay represents.  He explains that "families living within our rural and tribal communities are in a crisis.  Unemployment is as high as 80%.  Roads, bridges, and infrastructure are wasting away.  Many Native American families are without electricity and clean, running water.  Native American students have some of the lowest graduation rates and some of the highest drop-out rates.  Native Americans have the highest rates of suicide in the country."    Senator Begay desires to work within the Republican Party to build a bridge connecting those who need and want a chance with those who can help provide that chance. The Republican Party is the party of progress, the party of opportunity.  It is, now, Senator Begay’s Party.  

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The Truth About Why the BLM Wanted Cliven Bundy off the Land: Harry Reid and Money and Power

Don’t be fooled into believing that the BLM cares about a bunch of dusty, old tortoises that are supposedly endangered.   

Think about it.  In the name of the poor, dear tortoises, the BLM just spent millions of dollars to round up 300 of Cliven Bundy’s "trespassing cattle."  They managed to kill about 130 of them in the process.  Why?  Because, not only don’t they care about a bunch of tortoises, they also don’t care about a bunch of cows.  Using their helicopters they ran many of them to death in 100-degree desert heat.  Many of those cows were pregnant and weren’t given veterinary care; many of the newborns that survived their births died from lack of nourishment and callous treatment; many cows were fat with milk, having been separated from their newborn calves.  Each cow that died at the hands of the  BLM thugs had a value of about $1500.   

The BLM had enough money to pay thugs to intimidate, taser, and throw Americans to the ground.  The BLM had enough money to hire cowboy mercenaries to help round up Cliven Bundy’s cattle.  The BLM had enough money to send over 80 brand new shiny trucks to Clark County.  The had enough money to arm their thugs with helmet, body armor, and AR-15s.  

Yet, the BLM didn’t have enough money to feed the desert tortoises at the Desert Tortoise Conservation Center, so they euthanized them.  See Desert Tortoise Conservation Center plan to Euthanize Hundreds of Tortoises in Nevada.   

Put on your thinking cap.  Does this make logical sense?  Of course it doesn’t!  Because it isn’t the truth.

In fact, the federal government doesn’t care about any endangered species.  If they did, they wouldn’t allow the wholesale slaughter of every "endangered" critter that gets cooked by SOLAR and chopped up by WIND

So, what do the federal government and their corporate cronies care about?  

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Obama’s Energy Policy Destroys Jobs

By Andy McKinney

Internal stresses and conflicts in an organization can be just as fatally detrimental as outside attacks.  We see these internal contradictions in the Obama administration causing serious damage to Americans .  The administration cries out for job creation and energy independence but, as we shall see, thwarts the creation of both by deliberate, if badly misguided, policy.

Environmental Extremists Stop Domestic Oil Production

Off the coast of Alaska in the Chukchi Sea, oil companies have successfully bid on the right to drill for oil.  They have paid their money and are ready to begin drilling.  The environmental industry has sued to delay the exploratory drilling on the usual basis.  Please note that the whole lease bidding process has been completed.  The time for debate has ended.  The arguments have been heard from all sides, and the lease sale has proceeded to its conclusion.  No one was denied his opinion at the proper time.  The arguments are over. But that is not good enough for the enviro-extremists.  Their goal is to cause as much delay, disruption, and expense to the drillers (and at the end of the day to you and me) as is humanly possible. 

 What would happen to you if you paid for a new transmission for your car and then were not allowed to have the transmission installed?  You would have spent money to no good purpose.  The money that should have gone to the repair might have gone to some other good purpose but is instead tied up in limbo, doing nothing.  Multiply this by every project connected with energy, every road project, every building project, and so on across the country and you begin to sense the scale of waste of our financial resources in our country.  It is as if money has no meaning, as if every dime of wealth we have does not come, in the end, from the sweat and inspiration of our citizens.

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Payson TEA Party Meeting February 6: Doug Little, Candidate for Corporation Commission

Please attend the Payson TEA Party meeting this Thursday, February 6, at Tiny’s Family Restaurant.  The guest speaker will be Doug Little, Candidate for the Arizona Corporation Commission.  Come hear how Mr. Little plans to work for clean, reliable energy at the lowest possible price.   He has an extensive business background, and he is also a firearms expert and trainer.   Mr. Little is the former Chairman of Republican Legislative District 23, having resigned his position to run for ACC.

The Payson TEA meeting will be held at Tiny’s Restaurant, 600 Arizona Highway 260, Payson, from 6:00 – 7:30.  

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EPA’s Secret Deals with Environmentalists: Sue and Settle

The EPA is under investigation for a practice called Sue and Settle. Environmentalists in government and private organizations have found ways to create new regulations by fashioning lawsuits tailored to have courts institute policy changes. Both parties involved in the lawsuits secretly decide in advance what the outcome will be and how much taxpayer money will be transferred to the environmental group in the settlement. In other words, they are exploiting the courts to change laws, and in the process, helping to fund radical environmental groups without legislative or taxpayer consent. Millions of taxpayer dollars have been given to these groups.

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