Gila County Attorney Bradley Beauchamp to Speak at Payson TEA Meeting

Please invite your friends, neighbors and business associates to hear Gila County Attorney Bradley Beauchamp speak at the next weekly Payson Tea Party meeting.  The meeting will be held Tuesday, April 4 from 6:00-7:45 pm, at Tiny’s Family Restaurant, 600 East Highway 260, Payson.  Mr. Beauchamp will discuss the proposed National Popular Vote compacts and how it differs from our current Electoral College method of electing U.S. Presidents and Vice Presidents.  You will enjoy this lively presentation followed by a Question/Answer period.  

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The Horse Camp North of Payson is OPEN!

If you have been following recent events concerning the possible conversion of the Horse Camp into an Off Highway Vehicle facility, you will be glad to know that the Horse Camp north of Payson is open!  The gate is unlocked and swung wide open.  There is a friendly Host at the entrance.  According to Cheyenne, the host, he will be there until November.  The camp offers many private campsites, with corrals, and accessible trails.  So, please let your friends know.  There is even an area for groups, with a nice ramada and barbeque grill.  

One of the reasons given by the U.S. Forest Service for converting the Horse Camp into an OHV facility was that nobody used the facility.  It was brought to the attention of Ms. Angie Elam, of the Payson Ranger District, that the reason it wasn’t being used by horse people was because it was virtually impossible to access!  The gate was always locked.  There was no host.  Reservation requests were ignored.  What do you expect?.  

The decision for siting OHV facilities in or near Payson has not been made by the USFS.  But at least, for now, the Horse Camp has been opened and made available for horse riders.  

The facility is located at the north end of Payson.  From Highway 87, turn right at Houston Mesa Road. Go a few hundred yards and turn right at the first paved road.  

For background information on the controversy, see the following:

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Tonto National Forest Hearing – Monday, June 16

Please attend a Tonto National Forest Hearing to discuss Cultural Resources, Terrestrial Resources, Wildlife & Vegetation.  (Think Endangered Species Act regulations and Tribal Heritage/Artifacts.)  It’s worth your time to attend this hearing.  As Congressman Gosar stated when he was in town on June 3, the opposition is very good at sending in lots of comments.  He says we need to step up and attend these meetings and make comments, or they will get their way while we, our kids, and grandkids are being driven out of our forests.  

The meeting will be held on Monday, June 16, from 6:00 – 8:30 pm, at Julia Randall Elementary School, 902 W Main St., Payson.

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Upcoming Payson Events!

Submitted by Shirley Dye

The Payson TEA Party will feature Payson Mayor Kenny Evans and Vice Mayor Michael Hughes, and possibly Gila County Supervisor Tommie Martin.  They will provide information on many Payson issues, including the Home Rule Proposition and the continuation of the 1/2 cent county tax that will be on the Ballot.  

The meeting will be held on Thursday, June 12, from 6:00-8:00 pm, at Tiny’s Restaurant.  Tiny’s is located at 600 Arizona Highway 260, Payson.  


There will be a Tonto National Forest Hearing to discuss Cultural Resources, Terrestrial Resources (Wildlife & Vegetation.  (Think Endangered Species Act regulations and Tribal Heritage/Artifacts.)  It’s worth your time to attend this hearing.  

The meeting will be held on Monday, June 16, from 6:00 – 8:30 pm, at Julia Randall Elementary School, 902 W Main St., Payson.


Candidate Yard signs can be placed on your property NOW and must be removed no later than 10 days after the Primary.  Signs may not be placed in the 87/260 right of way but may be placed at the property line.  We need to find friendly business who will allow us to place signs on their property just behind the right of way.  If you know of any, please contact Shirley Dye at


The Gila County Republican Party has secured a Headquarters, which will open soon.  It is located in the rear two story building at 719 S. Beeline Hwy, across from the Court House, south of the car wash.  There will be lots of candidate signs and literature available for residents.  Please watch for the Grand opening. 

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Public Meeting with Congressman Gosar June 4 and Payson OHV Proposal public comment deadline June 6

Post submitted by Mary L. Little
Payson Horseman’s Association

Some very important issues are coming up that will affect citizens of Payson, Pine, Star Valley, Ox Bow Estates, Round Valley, Mesa del Caballo, Freedom Acres, Wonder Valley and numerous other subdivisions bordering these communities:

June 4, 2014: Town Hall Meeting with Congressman Gosar – Forest Health.
Time:  3:00-4:30 pm
Location:  Messinger Funeral Home, 901 S. Westerly Rd., Payson.

This meeting will allow us to address Forest Health as it relates to the Payson OHV (Off Highway Vehicle) proposal and impacts to our communities. This meeting was prompted by the concerns of many citizens regarding the USDA Tonto National Forest, Payson Ranger District OHV Project Proposal, under the proposed Travel Management Plan.

June 6, 2014:  Extended deadline for public comments to the USDA Tonto National Forest on the Payson OHV Project.  

Send emails to:  
Subject Line to read: Payson OHV Project

What’s this About?

The following highlights what the Tonto National Forest proposes:

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UPDATE! Check out Payson Events May 21 and 22

Wednesday, May 21

UPDATE:  4:00-6:00 pm.  Tonto National Forest public meeting specifically to discuss the horse camp at Highway 87 and Houston Mesa Rd. possibly being changed to an OHV (Off Highway Vehicle) track.  This precedes the meeting described below.  

6:00-8:30 pm.  Tonto National Forest public meeting.  Topics include Fire/Fuels, Forestry, Range.  Julia Randall Elementary School, 902 W Main St, Payson.  You might ask "To what do you attribute so much dense ladder fuel in the Tonto National Forest"? "How many roads have you closed in the Tonto National Forest and why have you closed them"?  "Why are you proposing an Off Highway Vehicle (OHV) track next to a Payson subdivision and church, when there are so many other locations in the Tonto Forest that won’t create noise and traffic congestion"?  There are many other questions you might ask the government managers of this forest.    

Thursday, May 22

9:30-11:30 am.  Meet and Greet Frank Riggs Candidate for Governor.   Mr. Riggs served as a Congressman from N. California for 12 years 1991-93 & 1995-1999 during the Clinton years, and has since been instrumental in developing Charter Schools in Arizona.  Come hear his qualifications and vision for the Governor’s office.  Tiny’s Restaurant, 600 Arizona Highway 260. 

Thursday, May 22  

6:00-8:00 pm.  Payson Tea Party.  The speaker is Al Melvin, candidate for Arizona Governor.  Mr. Melvin is the current Arizona Senator representing LD11.  Senator Melvin will present his credentials and vision for the Governor’s office.  Senator Melvin is a retired Captain in the Navy Reserve, and had a 40 year career in International Trade and Ocean Transportation before he was elected to the AZ Senate 6 years ago. Tiny’s Restaurant, 600 Arizona Highway 260.

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Center for Biological Diversity: Liars and Defamers

The Center for Biological Diversity is an evil organization that was proven guilty in 2005 of making "false, unfair, libelous, and defamatory statements against Jim Chilton, a Southern Arizona rancher."  

Jim Chilton and his family were awarded $100,000 in actual damages and $500,000 in punitive damages.  He planned to use part of the money to pay his lawsuit expenses, and donate the rest to the Arizona Cattle Growers Association to "promote truth and responsibility with respect to cattle grazing issues."  

"Our opponents don’t use science.  They subvert science," stated Mr. Chilton.  "Endangered species are just their tool to raise money and impose their anti-production philosophy."  He is incensed over the lost livelihoods of tens of thousands of rural westerners:  timber workers, ranchers, and miners who have lost productive well paid employment.  "Too many other victims just couldn’t defend themselves against relentless attacks by the CBD (Center for Biological Diversity) and Forest Guardians."

"Environmentalists wear people down until they can no longer function," stated a witness.

As Jim Chilton said, "Ranching is not a job.  It’s a culture.  It’s a unique western American way of life and a national cultural treasure worthy of preservation."

Dear friends of liberty, the Center for Biological Diversity is one of the many radical environmental groups that has learned how to subvert the legislative process and, between FY2009 – FY2012, fleeced American taxpayers out of over $2 million in their ESA (Endangered Species Act) lawsuits against federal agencies.  It’s quite a racket.  See This is How Radical Environmental Groups Fleece the Taxpayer and Use the Money to Advance Their Agenda

See also:

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Wolf Hearings

Wolf Hearings

December 03, 2013

Special panel presentation and documentary viewing
Sponsored by: David Spady Film Veritas Research
and Americans for Prosperity
McNary Community Center/Library, Hwy 260 (aka Pine St.), McNary, AZ 12:00-­2:30 pm
Come hear specialists, scientists, leaders, land stewards and other expert testimony concerning the impacts of the reintroduction of the Mexican Gray Wolf.  Also, enjoy a free viewing of the documentary,
“Wolves In Government Clothing”.
Film maker and AFP-California State Director David Spady
Endangered Species Act Consultant Doyel Shamley
Rancher Wink Crigler
University of Alaska Geneticist Dr. Matt Cronin
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Public Information Meeting
Hon-­Dah Conference Center
777 Highway 260, Pinetop, AZ
3:30-­5:00 pm

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Public Hearing
Hon-­Dah Conference Center
777 Highway 260, Pinetop, AZ
6:00-­8:30 pm

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