Anti-Common Core Moms have an Ally in Frank Riggs as AZ Governor

The title of this article that recently appeared in the conservative newspaper Arizona Daily Independent, says it all.  Frank Riggs is the only candidate for Governor who has been crystal clear about his stand against Common Core (aka Arizona’s College and Career Ready Standards).  He’s going to rescind it on Day 1.

No other candidate for Governor has been as firm or bold.   They have, at best, been wishy-washy.  Scott Smith seems to think there’s a difference between Common Core and Arizona’s College and Career Standards.  (There isn’t.)  Do we want a governor we have to bring up to speed on an issue we’ve been researching and talking about for two years?    

Here are some quotes from this article, written by Brad McQueen:

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Frank Riggs Stands up for the Tenth Amendment


 Gubernatorial Candidate Frank Riggs is the only gubernatorial candidate who’s a military veteran (U.S. Army); the only candidate with actual public safety experience as a police officer and deputy sheriff; and the only candidate with experience in K-12 education as a school board president and CEO of the largest nonprofit corporation and Community Development Financial Institution dedicated to helping public charter schools with their financing and facility needs. 

He’s also the only candidate who’s a former U.S. Congressman where he served with distinction as a leader and reformer.  He organized the Gang of 7 to expose the House Bank and Post Office scandals and earned top ratings from National Right to Life and the NRA for his voting record, as well as from Citizens Against Government Waste and Watchdogs of the Treasury for cutting federal spending and taxes.  As Riggs says, a plan without experience is just words on paper; but a plan with the right experience is the "real deal." Riggs’ experience and qualifications have shown in the candidate forums and debates and has Republican voters statewide talking about his candidacy.  

See and judge for yourself at

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Can Frank Riggs Rescind Common Core on Day 1? You bet he can!

Anyone who has heard candidate for Arizona Governor Frank Riggs speak or has studied his website knows that he has emphatically and repeatedly promised to rescind Common Core on Day 1.  (Note:  The name Common Core State Standards was cosmetically renamed by Gov Brewer "Arizona’s College and Career Ready Standards.")   

A recent, widely distributed document titled "2014 Arizona State Candidate Review" posted by Arizona Freedom Alliance on July 13, 2014 stated:  "But the primary thing we don’t like (about Frank Riggs) is that in every speech we have heard (many), he says “on day one, I will stop Common Core” and the crowd goes wild!  The only problem is that we are told he would have no authority to do that, even with an executive order.  It remains to be seen whether that is a promise he can keep."  (I added the bolding.)  

The AFA stands in strong support of Christine Jones for Governor.  I normally agree with and support the stands taken by the AFA.  However, this assertion is based on hearsay with nothing factual to support it.  Plus, it’s incorrect. 

Frank Riggs knew before he made his assertion that he was standing on firm ground.  When the defining moment arrives, would a Governor Jones be too misinformed, timid, and fearful to rescind Common Core?    

Here are the facts:

The MOA (Memorandum of Agreement) (see pages 60-63) states, "The effort is voluntary for states" and concludes "the undersigned state leaders agree to the process and structure as described above and attest accordingly by our signatures below."  It was signed in January 2010 by two state leaders:  Governor Jan Brewer and Superintendent of Public Instruction Tom Horne.  (This was long before the standards were even finalized.)  

While it might have taken Jan Brewer and Tom Horne to bring us Common Core, Arizonans are not bound by the decision of these former state leaders.  As Frank Riggs has stated, "The basic principles of contract law prevail.  The current Governor cannot bind her successor, and her authority expires on the day she leaves office.  If one party withdraws (rescinds the predecessor’s signature), the contract (MOA) is invalidated.  A new Governor has every right to rescind the Agreement, with or without anyone else’s signature."

Frank Riggs has made his position crystal clear.  Would Christine Jones assign staff to dig through the bowels of these "agreements and understandings" looking for bits of evidence to support why she can’t rescind it?  Which will it be?  Find evidence to support getting out of Common Core?  Or find reasons to dither and remain chained to it?

The problems with the MOA aren’t limited to questions about its repeal.  There are multiple problems with this "agreement," which have been analyzed at length in Mercedes Schneider’s Edublog post Exiting the Common Core Memorandum of Understanding.

Here are a few points.  (Bold highlighting is mine):

1.  The CCSS MOU includes no provision for exiting CCSS. 

2.   It also includes no wording in which states are bound to CCSS if the original signators no longer hold the positions of governor and state education superintendent.

3.   Since the CCSS MOU fails to include language binding states to CCSS if such states receive RTTT money (no doubt excluded so that USDOE might maintain it is not “forcing” states to accept CCSS in order to receive RTTT money), then even states that received RTTT money are able to exit CCSS and challenge any USDOE pressure to return RTTT money. If CCSS is truly not federally forced, then it will not pursue states choosing to be “state led” right out of CCSS.

4.   Regarding those two signatures on each state’s CCSS MOU:

If both signators no longer hold the positions of governor and state superintendent, then the MOU cannot bind each state. 

There is no need for legislative action to dispose of CCSS. In such cases, the current governor or state superintendent can formally declare a state’s exit from CCSS. USDOE has no legal recourse, and neither does a non-signator governor nor non-signator superintendent who might push to keep CCSS.

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Riggs Campaign Responds to False Attacks

Cave Creek, Arizona  – One of Frank Riggs’ opponents in the Republican gubernatorial primary election has circulated an inflammatory and wildly inaccurate mailer to Republicans statewide.  In it, he alleges that Riggs "cites a single vote while he was a Congressman from California two decades ago as his ‘experience’ in fighting illegal immigration."  In fact, Riggs, an Army vet, ex-cop and three-term U.S. Congressman, has substantial experience fighting illegal immigration.

These are the facts:

1) Riggs has been on the front lines of law enforcement as a police officer and deputy sheriff.  He’s actually worn the badge, put his life on the line, enforced the law, and arrested illegal immigrants for committing crimes!

2) As a Congressman and Vice-Chairman of the California Republican Congressional Delegation, Riggs helped secure the funding to build the fence on California’s border with Mexico which now extends into the Yuma Sector of Arizona’s border with Mexico.  Riggs has promised to work with the Arizona congressional delegation to get the funding to secure the Tucson Sector of the border.

3) Riggs introduced and forced a vote on legislation patterned after California’s Proposition 187 to prohibit federal taxpayer benefits for illegal immigrants.  That was in 1998!

4) According to Numbers USA, the nation’s largest organization, with two million members, advocating immigration reduction and opposing amnesty, Riggs received a grade of "A" for his congressional voting record.  The organization "scored" 11 key votes during Riggs’ three terms in Congress and ranked Riggs on those votes, not on a single vote as his opponent alleged.  Riggs’ votes were on congressional legislation to reduce chain migration; reduce refugee and asylum fraud; reduce amnesty entitlements; reduce anchor baby citizenship; reduce illegal immigration rewards; and reduce illegal immigration at borders.  Here’s the proof

The same opponent also claimed in his mailer that Riggs "condemned SB 1070," yet this statement has been on Riggs’ website for months: "I strongly support the provisions of SB 1070 that would allow a local law enforcement officer to detain and arrest an individual when they have probable cause to believe that person is an illegal alien violating our country’s immigration laws. – See more at: On the Issues – Frank Riggs.  Riggs also has the endorsement and support of former State Senator and State Senate President Russell Pearce, the principal author of SB 1070!

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Meet and Greet for Frank Riggs: Payson – July 11

Please join Shirley Dye and Anita Christy, and many other conservative Republicans, to meet Frank Riggs, candidate for Governor.

This event will take place Friday, July 12, beginning at 6:00 pm.

The location is the Gila County GOP Headquarters, 719 S. Highway 87 (Beeline Highway), Payson, Arizona.

Frank Riggs recently received the endorsement of former Arizona Senate President Russell Pearce.  He has also been endorsed by both Gila County Watch and Gilbert Watch.  See Why Conservatives Support Frank Riggs for Arizona’s Next Governor.

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I’m Endorsing Frank Riggs for Governor, by Russell Pearce

An open letter from former Arizona Senate President Russell Pearce.

Dear Friends and fellow Patriots,

Since my endorsement of former Congressman Frank Riggs for Arizona governor, I have received many calls and emails concerning my choice. Many of these calls have been in support, some asking why I had not acted sooner. Others have been in opposition, and some asking why I had not endorsed someone else. I’ll do my best here to explain my decision:

In this Republican primary, there are several running I consider friends.  Senator Al Melvin, one of my dearest and loyal friends whom I tried to help qualify for the ballot; Congressman Frank Riggs, whom I have respected since he and Rick Santorum fought corruption together in the US House; former Maricopa Attorney Andy Thomas, a great friend who has fought many battles at my side; and, Secretary of State Ken Bennett, a good friend for many years. They are all good people I’m proud to call my friends.

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Why Conservatives Support Frank Riggs for Arizona’s Next Governor

When all else fails, please, study the candidate’s record.  The best indicator of future performance is past performance.  Promises are meaningless without a record of performance that backs them up.

Frank Riggs has a very long principled conservative record, both in and out of office.  He has stood firmly even when his stand was unpopular, because he had considered all the facts.  His previous experience in the U.S. Congress has armed him with many facts that others don’t have.  Having served in Congress, he knows how to get things done at the federal level. 

Frank Riggs’s grasp of multiple, complex issues is impressive.  Whether it’s Common Core (Arizona’s College and Career Ready Standards), Parental Rights/Educational Choice, Medicaid Expansion, Border Security, Private Property Rights, the Budget, the Right to Bear Arms, the EPA’s threat to Arizona’s economy, Arizona’s Sovereignty, Water, Forests/Forest Products, Rural Issues, the Muslim Brotherhood, etc., Frank Riggs demonstrates indepth knowledge and leadership.

He is blessed with a high intellect and is his own man.  He bristles at the idea of having any "handlers," which he neither wants or needs.  He also stands up graciously under pressure and won’t be intimidated.

There are few elected officials who have this capability.  Former Senate President Russell Pearce, who recently endorsed Frank Riggs for Governor, is one of those people.  You might remember him as the author of SB1070, which, among other citizen protections, gave Arizona’s local law enforcement officers the authority to detain and arrest an individual when the officer has probable cause to believe that person has violated federal immigration law.  

You might not know that Senator Pearce fought hard and successfully on behalf of parental rights and school choice.  You also might not know that, like Frank Rigss, Russell Pearce served honorably in law enforcement.  Click HERE to learn more about Russell Pearce’s incredible record.  

Highlights of Frank Riggs’s own Incredible Record Include:

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Trust an Army Veteran and Former Cop to Secure the Border! Riggs Ready to Lead “From the Front”

Cave Creek, AZ – As the only candidate for Governor who has both military and law enforcement experience, Frank Riggs says he’ll make public safety and securing the border his top priority. “Our state and national border with Mexico is not secure,” Riggs said. “Securing the border is a matter of national security, the most important responsibility of the federal government, and also a matter of public safety, the most important responsibility of state government.”

Riggs is an Army veteran who served as a military policeman and military police investigator. After leaving the Army, he was a police officer and deputy sheriff and performed a number of assignments including patrol, investigations and crime prevention. As a U.S. Congressman, Riggs helped secure the funding to build the double fence along the California border with Mexico, which was extended into Arizona along the Yuma Sector of the border. Riggs wants to continue the fence along the Tucson Sector of the border and deploy the manpower and technology necessary to secure that Sector. “As a former police officer, I strongly support the provisions of SB 1070 that would allow a local law enforcement officer to detain and arrest an individual when they have probable cause to believe that person is an illegal alien violating our country’s immigration laws,” Riggs said.

Riggs is proposing to reorient the Arizona National Guard’s mission to include law enforcement and border security, and deploy those units to supplement the Border Patrol, and border county sheriff’s departments, in stopping the drug and alien smugglers and stemming the tide of border violence. “As the only candidate for Governor with both military and law enforcement experience, I’m prepared to serve as commander-in-chief of the Arizona National Guard, and will personally lead, from the front, the enforcement and security of our border,” Riggs concluded.

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