Gubernatorial Candidate Frank Riggs Salutes Public Charter Schools

Gubernatorial candidate Frank Riggs has promised to repeal Arizona’s participation in Common Core to protect local control of standards and assessments, parental rights, and charter school autonomy; and to reassert Arizona’s state sovereignty and responsibility for K-12 education.

On the occasion of National Charter Schools Week (May 4-10), gubernatorial candidate Frank Riggs salutes the remarkable work being done by charter schools in Arizona and nationally. “Public charter schools are reforming K-12 education through the market principles of competition and choice,” Riggs said. “I admire beyond words the passion, idealism, vision and commitment of charter school founders, leaders and teachers.”

Riggs is considered to be one of the fathers of the charter school movement in Arizona and nationally. “Charter schools are the most important, scalable and successful initiative to reform and improve American K-12 education in our lifetimes,” said Riggs. “No child is ever assigned to attend a charter school. Charter schools must compete to enroll students and therefore must be fully responsive and accountable to parents.”

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Statement by Gubernatorial Candidate Frank Riggs, on Gov. Jan Brewer’s Veto of HB 2316

"I’m very disappointed that Gov. Brewer vetoed HB 2316, important and timely legislation designed to protect local control and decision-making in K-12 education and the fundamental right of parents to safeguard the privacy of their children.  I commend Representatives Justin Pierce and Tom Forese for sponsoring the legislation, and the conservative majority in the State Legislature for passing the bill and sending it to the Governor.

"Gov. Brewer’s veto represents a decision on her part, and the monied interests backing Common Core (aka Arizona’s College & Career Ready Standards) which lobbied against the bill, to double-down on Common Core.  How else to explain the opposition to legislation which simply says that Arizona state government "shall not adopt any educational standards, curricula or instructional approaches that may be mandated by the federal government"?  Furthermore, this legislation was prospective, not retroactive, and would not have repealed Arizona’s participation in Common Core.

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