Gila County GOP Headquarters: Grand Opening & Tom Morrissey Fundraiser – July 19

The Gila County Republican Committee announces its Grand Opening at the Payson Republican Headquarters this Saturday, July 19, starting at 10:30 am.  Sheriff Joe Arpaio will cut the ribbon at 12 Noon.

Other special guests include candidate for Arizona Senate Tom Morrissey (LD18) and former Arizona Senate President Russell Pearce.  Senator Pearce was the primary author of SB1070.  That was the law that allowed a local law enforcement officer to detain and arrest an individual when they have probable cause to believe that person is an illegal alien violating our country’s immigration laws. 

Click HERE to see the flyer.  Please share with your friends and neighbors.  

Tom Morrissey Fundraiser

Following the Grand Opening, there will be a fundraiser on behalf of Tom Morrissey, starting at 1:00 pm, to be held at  Mount Cross Lutheran Church, 601 E. Highway 260, Payson.  Sheriff Joe Arpaio will be the Guest Speaker.  He will be joined by special guest former Arizona Senator Russell Pearce.   

It is critical that Tom Morrissey win the Arizona Senate race against Jeff Dial in Legislative District 18.  Jeff Dial is one of 14 legislators that the Gila County Republican Committee voted to censure, along with Gov. Brewer, for their role in passing Medicaid Expansion.  See GCRC Resolution to Censure Gov. Brewer and 14 State Legislators.   In contrast, most Republicans stood firmly opposed to this damaging vote.  See Arizona State Legislator Heroes

Tom Morrissey was the Chairman of the Arizona GOP from 2011-2013.  He was also the Chief Deputy U.S. Marshal for the Federal District of Arizona (Retired).  Seating is limited.  Tickets are $30 each, or 2 for $50.  

Click HERE to see the flyer.  Please share with your friends and neighbors. 

For more information, please call the Republican Headquarters at 928-472-GILA (4452).  They are open from 9 am – 6 pm, Monday through Friday.

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Why Conservatives Support Frank Riggs for Arizona’s Next Governor

When all else fails, please, study the candidate’s record.  The best indicator of future performance is past performance.  Promises are meaningless without a record of performance that backs them up.

Frank Riggs has a very long principled conservative record, both in and out of office.  He has stood firmly even when his stand was unpopular, because he had considered all the facts.  His previous experience in the U.S. Congress has armed him with many facts that others don’t have.  Having served in Congress, he knows how to get things done at the federal level. 

Frank Riggs’s grasp of multiple, complex issues is impressive.  Whether it’s Common Core (Arizona’s College and Career Ready Standards), Parental Rights/Educational Choice, Medicaid Expansion, Border Security, Private Property Rights, the Budget, the Right to Bear Arms, the EPA’s threat to Arizona’s economy, Arizona’s Sovereignty, Water, Forests/Forest Products, Rural Issues, the Muslim Brotherhood, etc., Frank Riggs demonstrates indepth knowledge and leadership.

He is blessed with a high intellect and is his own man.  He bristles at the idea of having any "handlers," which he neither wants or needs.  He also stands up graciously under pressure and won’t be intimidated.

There are few elected officials who have this capability.  Former Senate President Russell Pearce, who recently endorsed Frank Riggs for Governor, is one of those people.  You might remember him as the author of SB1070, which, among other citizen protections, gave Arizona’s local law enforcement officers the authority to detain and arrest an individual when the officer has probable cause to believe that person has violated federal immigration law.  

You might not know that Senator Pearce fought hard and successfully on behalf of parental rights and school choice.  You also might not know that, like Frank Rigss, Russell Pearce served honorably in law enforcement.  Click HERE to learn more about Russell Pearce’s incredible record.  

Highlights of Frank Riggs’s own Incredible Record Include:

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Candidate for Governor Frank Riggs Files Petitions – Now, Let’s Elect Him as our Next Arizona Governor!

Candidate for Arizona Governor, Frank Riggs, filed his petition signatures on May 27 at the Secretary of State’s office. Here is a statement from him after he filed from the MCRC Briefs:

Gubernatorial candidate Frank Riggs filed more than 10,400 signatures on May 27 to qualify for the primary ballot. In less than four months, the Riggs campaign collected almost double the 5660 signatures needed to qualify for the ballot.  Riggs said. “There may be a big field in the Republican primary for governor, but I’m the proven, tested and trusted candidate for Governor.  I offer a clear choice and new direction for Arizona.  I will stop the ‘Obamanization of Arizona’ by repealing Common Core and rolling back the unsustainable expansion of Medicaid." Riggs promised to be a highly visible and accessible governor and to make Arizona a model of effective, conservative government through the principles of fiscal restraint and responsibility, constitutionally limited government, free markets, equal opportunity, secure borders and personal responsibility."I have a lifetime of leadership service and experience, the deepest, most proven record of any candidate for governor, and the demonstrated courage to make the tough but right decisions.  I look forward to taking our message to voters about why I’m the clear choice for conservatives in the Republican primary for Governor,” concluded Riggs.  

Read more about his filing on his campaign website

Frank Riggs also held a press conference on the Capitol Lawn earlier that morning, where he tore up the "Memorandum of Agreement" that was signed by Governor Brewer and former Superintendent Tom Horne, who signed us up for Common Core in our Race-to-the-top Phase I application. Riggs again promised he would issue an Executive Order on his first day to "Repeal Common Core." We need this type of leadership in Arizona! We need a Governor who will stop federal intrusion in our state and restore our states’ rights! All of the other candidates have not made this declaration nor promise about Common Core!

Please support Frank Riggs by volunteering and donating to his campaign.  Click HERE to volunteer.  Click HERE to donate.  

Please also "like" his Facebook page HERE.    

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Irene Littleton – The Best Choice for Arizona Senate in LD8

According to her website, Irene Littleton has been a Republican "since birth," and worked on behalf of Barry Goldwater.  I’ve known her since she was a TEA Party leader in Pinal County.  There is no doubt that she is a strong conservative who understands very well the most serious issues facing Arizona.  She knows that Common Core is a top-down nationalization of our K-12 educational system.  She knows that Medicaid Expansion will fall onto the shoulders of the taxpayers and facilitates Obamacare.  She knows that we must fight against the influx of illegal aliens through our porous border.    She knows that the only way to protect our First Amendment Rights is by protecting our Right to Bear Arms. 

Her opposing candidates include two people who are either in favor of Medicaid expansion, or remain ignorant about Common Core and Medicaid Expansion.  I have to wonder on which planet these two gentlemen live?  

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Remember when Scott Smith Endorsed Bob Worsley for AZ Senate?

Scott Smith, after knowing Bob Worsley for 30 years, called Worsley a "conservative."    

Bob Worsley won that race for Arizona Senate in 2012, against Russell Pearce.  So, how did Bob Worsley, the "conservative," perform during his tenure?  Not only did he vote for expanding Medicaid in Arizona, but he also voted with the Democrats more than the Democrat Minority Leader Chad Campbell.  According to Americans For Prosperity, Sen. Worsley earned himself a Hero of Big Government rating.


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HB2699 and HB2700: Good News and Bad News

Recently, Gila Watch asked you to email Arizona Senators asking them to support two important bills:  HB2699 Endangered Species-Program Rescission-Reimbursement and HB2700 …"recover all state lands that have been acquired by the federal government."  

The good news is that HB2699 passed.  The bad news is that HB2700 failed to pass.  

As a precinct committeeman, I visit with citizens.  Most are unaware that our country is swiftly being taken over by the federal government agencies made up of unelected bureaucrats who are paid by the taxpayers.  This lack of awareness stems from their source of news.  These citizens are also unaware that the newspapers they read and most of the television reporting they watch are part of what has truly become the Collectivist Media.   For example, the collectivist media did not report one of the most significant events in American history:  The Cliven Bundy vs the BLM stand-off.  Why?  Because the fact that over 2,000 patriotic Americans standing up for individual liberties does not fit the collectivist agenda.

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