Payson Schools Facing Tough Competition: American Leadership Academy Charter School

Did you see this recent editorial Payson Schools Facing Tough Competition in the Payson Round-Up?  It isn’t often that I agree with Pete Aleshire about much of anything.  But he’s right about this statement:  "The Payson Unified School District had better get its whatnot together — and quickly. The district’s in danger — but we’re not sure the board understands the peril."

"In peril" is the place school board members put themselves and their school district by consistently deferring to "the academic and administrative experts," rubber stamping virtually every recommendation, without serious question. The board members aren’t stupid. They incorrectly believe that Administration cares about educational excellence.      

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Payson School Board Meeting: The Beyond Textbooks “Con”

If you read Michele Nelson’s Payson Round-up article Common Core Prompts Textbook Worries about this June 8 meeting, you will have very little idea of what really happened.  My article which follows focuses on the board’s adoption of Beyond Textbooks.  There were two other issues that deserve some truth.  1) The board decided to dump old textbooks (titles unknown), and 2) Board member Sheila Deschaaf wasn’t amused by a very deceptive agenda item, causing the board to delay a more thorough discussion before voting to approve "Restarting the Payson Arizona Online Instruction (AOI)."  Unfortunately, there just isn’t enough time in the day for me to cover all of the "spin" coming from PUSD’s top officials.   

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