Cobre Valley Republican Club Meeting: Sat., Feb. 15 in Globe

submitted by Judy Alexander
Cobre Valley Republican Club President

Please attend the Cobre Valley Republican Club (CVRC) meeting Saturday, February 15, at 9;30 AM.  The meeting will be held at the CVRC headquarters:  424 N. Broad Street in Globe.  Featured speakers will include candidates that are seeking state and county offices.   Irene Littleton is running for State Senate LD 8; Darla Dawald is a candidate for Arizona House of Representatives LD 8.  There are many other candidates seeking to represent you locally.  These candidates need your support!!!  They travel here to talk to you and to answer your questions.  All are welcomed!  Come join the CVRC for coffee and donuts.   Hope to see you there!!

NOTE:  Currently, Democrat Barbara McGuire holds the LD8 Senate seat.  Republicans Frank Pratt and T J Shope are LD8’s representatives.  Both Frank Pratt and T J Shope joined Barbara McGuire and all Arizona Democrats to vote for Medicaid Expansion, which will add hundreds of thousands of new Arizona residents to the taxpayer-paid health insurance rolls.  All three of these incumbents must be replaced.



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Who is the Leftist? Who is the Liberal?

Please stop referring to Leftist Democrats as Liberals.  They are not Liberals.  Leftist Democrats have so perverted the language that it is too late for Conservatives to be identified as who we truly are—Classic Liberals.  However, it is not too late to call the Democrats what they are:  Leftists.  If Democrats don’t like that label, they need to look at their elected representatives’ voting records.  Start with Barack Obama and move down the food chain.   Don’t like it?  Then change your party affiliation.

Leftists fraudulently call themselves Liberals, because they like to think of themselves as noble, broad-minded, unprejudiced, and kind.  They think they defend the weak against the powerful.  They “care.”  The Truth is their policies are exactly the opposite.

But let’s look at two definitions.  Then, YOU decide who is the Leftist and who is the Liberal. 

Classic Liberals

“The term liberal, in its Greek meaning, refers to the free man, as opposed to the slave. Liberals were originally the partisans of liberty. The American Founders, for example, were committed to three types of freedom: economic freedom, political freedom, and freedom of speech and religion. In their classical liberal view, freedom meant limiting the power of government, thus increasing the scope for individual and private action. The spirit of this philosophy is clearly conveyed in the formulations of the Bill of Rights: ‘Congress shall make no law…’"  Liberalism and Conservatism

When the term “liberalism” (from the Latin word liberalis, meaning “pertaining to a free man”) first emerged in the early 1800s, it was founded on an unwavering belief in individual rights, the rule of law, limited government, private property, and laissez faire economics. (These would remain the defining characteristics of liberalism throughout the liberal epoch, generally identified as the period from 1815-1914.)  What Exactly is a "Leftist"?  and What is a Liberal"

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Ted Cruz, John McCain, John Boehner: Which Guy do YOU Want to Be?

"WE have seen Ted Cruz KNEELING in prayer in the front of the White House. We have seen Ted Cruz STANDING all night, and all alone against Obamacare. WE have seen Ted Cruz SITTING, while others applauded revealing their soullessness, and utter contempt for the American people. In each instance Ted Cruz was alone in his statesmanship decorum. TRUTH in a decadent day usually stands alone. Those who are standing, and applauding are what our founders feared. Ted Cruz is what our founders dreamed of."  Author unknown.

Quisling John Boehner, selling out Republicans.

"Any immigration reform should improve the lives, the incomes, and the opportunities of those who are lawfully in America."  Jim DeMint, president of the Heritage Foundation.

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Road to Victory Event to Kick off 2014 Election Cycle

Saturday, February 1, 9:30 am- 4 pm.  Road to Victory Candidate Round-up sponsored by the Conservative Business League LLC.  Fort McDowell Adventures, 14803 N Hiawatha Hood Road off Hwy 87. From Payson, go south on 87 and turn right just before you cross the bridge over the river (before you get to the Ft. McDowell casino complex).  The Rim Country Republican Club and the Payson Tea Party will have booths at the event (and maybe the Gila County Republican Party).  We will need help selling all our various raffle tickets and getting signatures for our candidates at this event.

$40.00 entry fee includes lunch and beverage, kids under 12 free.   

Road to Victory includes the following:   
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Gila County Republican Party Withdraws Support to Speaker Boehner

Coming on the heels of its recent censure of Senator John McCain, the Gila County Republican Party has sent a letter to Speaker of the House John Boehner withdrawing support for him as Speaker.  

Here is Chairman Gary Morris’s letter which was sent to John Boehner last week: 

"The Gila County Republican Party must express its utter disappointment regarding your recent December rant reprimanding the Tea Party and other conservative Republicans. Your comments were stunningly negative and disregarded Republican principles.

"Surely you remember the huge Republican victory in 2010 that led to your elevation to Speaker of the House. That election delivered a 63 member Republican gain and was historic, in that it was the largest gain in a mid-term election in 70 years. Much of the gain has been attributed to Tea Party support of "conservative" candidates. It would seem that wise politicians would want to pull those voters who got them elected into the fold and continue winning rather than publically criticize or reprimand them.

"Conservatism does win. For example, my county, Gila County, Arizona, has been a Democrat voter registration majority as well as a majority of Democrats elected to office since statehood in 1912 – until the elections of 2012.

"The Gila County Republican Committee embraced Tea Party members and other conservatives. We have coordinated our efforts to get Republicans elected. As a result, the county surpassed the Democrats in voter registrations in 2011 for the first time since 1912. More important, the 2012 elections also saw Republicans equal the number of Democrats elected to office for the first time since 1912. The Sheriff was the first Republican elected in 100 years. We wisely chose to embrace conservatism, and we continue winning. You have foolishly chosen to oppose conservatism and will lose.

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Arizona’s Republican Precinct Committeemen vote to Censure John McCain

Saturday, January 11, 2014, the Precinct Committeemen representing Arizona’s Maricopa County Republican Committee met.  They voted on several Resolutions, one of which was the Censure of Sen. John McCain.  It was drafted by LD30 Chairman Timothy Schwartz, and it passed by an overwhelming 1,150 to 351 votes.  Maricopa County is the largest county in Arizona and has 63% of Arizona’s voters. McCain was also censured by the Mohave County Republican Committee on Jan 4, the Apache County Republican Committee on Jan 9, and the LD26 precinct committeemen rebuked him on Sept 9, 2013.  See the January 11, 2014 edition of MCRC Briefs.  

There is a very good chance that other Arizona counties and Legislative Districts will be issuing similar censure resolutions.

John McCain seems to be listening to his own progressive press.  Reality is much different.   He isn’t the only professional politician who’s in trouble in his own state.  The conservatives in Ohio aren’t very pleased with Speaker of the House John Boehner, and probably for the same reasons that we in Arizona want to rid ourselves of John McCain.  Boehner has been in office since 1991.  There is a young, smart, hard-working man who is challenging Boehner in the primary:  J. D. Winteregg.  

RESOLUTION #8:   Senator John McCain Censured by Arizona’s Republican Leadership — As leaders in the Republican Party, we are obligated to fully support our Party, platform, and its candidates. Only in times of great crisis or betrayal is it necessary to publicly censure our leaders. Today we are faced with both. For too long we have waited, hoping Senator McCain would return to our Party’s values on his own. That has not happened. So with sadness and humility we rise and declare:

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Rob Haney Responds to LD28 Chair Scott O’Connor

I read an email exchange recently between Republican LD28 Chairman Scott O’Connor and Precinct Committeeman Rob Haney.  Mr. Haney is a former Maricopa County Republican Committee Chairman.  It was chilling to read this exchange, because I had just finished reading an article in Pravda titled "America Resembling Anti-Democratic Regime:  Russia’s Moment to Lead."

During the Cold War, Pravda was well known as the official voice of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union.

And now, after all these years, it is Pravda that has observed that, while Russia has returned to its religious roots and the end of Soviet Communism,  America is in rapid moral and institutional decline:

"In recent decades, Russia has undergone vast political and social reforms underscored by a return to religious roots, the end of Soviet Communism, and new existential threats (among them domestic Islamic radicalism).  All of these changes have necessarily resulted in political transformation.

"As Russia has changed, its former adversary – the United States of America – has also changed, with breakneck speed.  America is in rapid moral and institutional decline – fueled by lawless government leaders and a seismic move away from God (at least the Judeo-Christian God that underpins Russian and Western societies), as well as the parallel rise of an entertainment escapism that displaces public awareness and voter engagement while blinding citizens to the loss of freedom and resultant blurring of moral boundaries.

"In short, America is beginning to resemble the regimes it topples and wars against.  America no longer has the moral credibility to lecture other nations on the incontrovertible virtues of democracy and republican government."  

Here is the email exchange between Scott O’Connor and Rob Haney.  Mr. Haney copied members of the Executive Committee

January 10, 2014

Dear Scott,

I am taking the liberty of publishing our exchange of emails in an open forum because I view removal of the Invocation from our LD 28 meetings at the sole discretion of the executive board as a continuance of the attack on religion in our country.   Other districts need to be made aware of how easily they can lose the rights they took for granted through the actions of a few anonymous complaints brought to a receptive executive board.  To have a universally accepted, decades long practice within the Republican Party ended by fiat of the executive board without even debate or a vote of the body, is the height of arrogance and is reminiscent of Obama’s executive orders. 

I would suggest to other LDs that they take preventative action possibly through a bylaw addition which states that the Invocation and Pledge cannot be removed from the opening proceedings of a district meeting without a vote of the LD precinct committeemen.

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Vet the Candidates!

by Lynne Breyer, Arizona Freedom Alliance


When I was growing up, my dad would haul me out of bed each early morning by saying, "Get going!  It’s time to make the donuts!"  I knew that meant the dawn of a new day full of possibilities, and it was my responsibility to get an early start and to make the most of it.

Today, we arise to a New Year, 2014, full of possibilities and hope and opportunities to make the most of it.

If you are in search of some resolutions for this New Year, here are a few to consider:

1.  It’s an important election year.  Choose your candidates wisely.  If your candidate is willing to cheat Just A Little Bit, break the rules Just a Little Bit, that’s how they will be as elected officials.  VET. VET. VET any and all candidates you are considering supporting.

2.  Vetting isn’t easy.  Look behind the curtain.  Candidates put their best face forward to get elected.  If something doesn’t ring true, do extra checking.  The internet provides a wealth of resources to check out candidates: donation records, court records, newspaper articles.  Talk to activists in that candidate’s district.  Get feedback from several people who have personal knowledge of the facts.  Just do it!

3.  Don’t be too quick to get on board with the "nice guy/gal."  They may make great friends and neighbors but not necessarily good lawmakers.  It’s a fine line between being a good candidate, able to play successfully in the political arena, and being an honest person who can withstand the pressures of elected office without going off the rails.  Look for good people with both empathy and a large measure of spine!

4.  Don’t believe the rumors you hear.  How easy it is in this day of constant emails to just believe what you get from a friend.  Example: when Common Core survived it’s first vote in our Legislature, I asked some Representatives why they voted "Yes."  Answer: My seat mate/office mate/ fellow District Representative said it was OK and was voting for it, so I voted for it."  We see how well that turned out!  Drill down, go straight to the candidate/issue the rumors are about, get your own answers.  To quote Paul Harvey, get "the rest of the story" because there is always more that is not revealed in rumors.  And educate your lawmakers in your district.  They can’t know everything about the myriad of issues they face during a session.  That’s our job as voters.

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The Nuclear Option: Take Action!

by Gary Morris
Chairman, Gila County Republican Committee

On Thursday, November 21, the U.S. Senate voted to eliminate the 60 vote requirement necessary to pass legislation. This Senate “Rule” has been in place since 1789 and is often called the “Filibuster Rule.” Its purpose was to require 60 votes to end debate (filibuster) on legislation which would then allow the Bill to move to final vote for passage. Where 60 votes are not achieved, Senators can continue to debate the Bills’ benefits and consequences. Where debate is allowed to continue, both transparency and public awareness is increased regarding the issues. The latest example of the public awareness was the 22 hour filibuster by Texas Senator Ted Cruz regarding Obama Care. Despite what the Democrats alleged, Senator Cruz has been proven correct.

Thursday’s vote by the Senate DOES NOT affect ALL legislation. It applies only to votes on judicial (judges) nominations and cabinet appointments, etc.

The primary objective of the Rule change is to ram through judicial appointments for the “D.C. Circuit” Court and expand the number of judges for this Circuit. The reason? This is the Court that will hear any future suits or appeals regarding Obama Care. If this occurs, it will be very difficult to repeal and replace the law.

Republican Response?

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