Guess Who’s Coming for Dinner? Wolves

Recently, a benefit was held in Scottsdale dubbed “Dinner with Wolves.”  The Southwest Wildlife Conservation Center, Defenders of Wildlife, Sierra Club, and many environmental groups want the Mexican wolf returned to what they consider the wild landscape of Arizona.  They also want to maintain protections for the Mexican wolf by listing it as “endangered.”   

Wolves are charismatic, beautiful, and graceful.   Their evening howls evoke wonderment in many people. Environmentalists believe that wolves will foster ecosystem diversity and stability.

Mexican wolves’ historical range was never in the area where they were released

The Mexican wolf’s historical range was primarily centered in the Sierra Madre Mountains of Mexico, and as far south as Oaxaca.  Only 10% of the Mexican wolf’s range extended as far north as southeastern Arizona.  

The United States Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) released Mexican wolves into northeastern Arizona in 1998.  The USFWS is strongly considering expanding the release area from New Mexico to California and from I-10 to I-40.  That will include several counties and millions in human population.  

This is not good news to residents in the rural areas of northeastern Arizona who have had their lives, property, and livelihoods adversely affected by wolves since 1998. 

Cattle raising is a small family tradition.  Wolves kill their livelihood. 
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HB2699 and HB2700: Good News and Bad News

Recently, Gila Watch asked you to email Arizona Senators asking them to support two important bills:  HB2699 Endangered Species-Program Rescission-Reimbursement and HB2700 …"recover all state lands that have been acquired by the federal government."  

The good news is that HB2699 passed.  The bad news is that HB2700 failed to pass.  

As a precinct committeeman, I visit with citizens.  Most are unaware that our country is swiftly being taken over by the federal government agencies made up of unelected bureaucrats who are paid by the taxpayers.  This lack of awareness stems from their source of news.  These citizens are also unaware that the newspapers they read and most of the television reporting they watch are part of what has truly become the Collectivist Media.   For example, the collectivist media did not report one of the most significant events in American history:  The Cliven Bundy vs the BLM stand-off.  Why?  Because the fact that over 2,000 patriotic Americans standing up for individual liberties does not fit the collectivist agenda.

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HB2699 – April 14 – Senate COW – “endangered species program; rescission; reimbursement”

One of the reasons cited by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) in removing Cliven Bundy’s cattle from public lands in Nevada was because the Desert Tortoise found on the land was "threatened/endangered." 

We have our own situation in Arizona relating to the Mexican wolf.  The United States Fish & Wildlife Service (USFWS) is poised to declare the Mexican wolf "endangered."  The USFWS is also poised to expand the Mexican wolf release area to cover a broad swath of Arzona, which will include 15 Arizona counties.  

It is time for all of us to email and call our Arizona Senators to strongly encourage them to vote YES to HB2699, and to stand up for all Arizona citizens’ right to protect ourselves, families, property, and livelihoods!     

Click HERE for the Fact Sheet on HB2699. 

Click HERE to find the email addresses and phone numbers of all Senators.   You are probably wasting your time to email Democrats.  Every Democrat in the House voted NO, and I would be surprised if the Democrats in the Senate would step out of line.  

If you would like to see the Vote Detail on how the Legislators have voted previously on HB2699, in various Committees and the House, click HERE.

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Waco Style Shoot Out Brewing in Nevada Against Cattle Rancher?

Please keep an eye on this issue!  The federal government along with radical environmentalists are willing to destroy a multiple-generation operation and steal this rancher’s cattle over an "endangered" …………….desert tortoise.

YET, just 8 months ago the government and environmentalists planned to euthanize the desert tortoises, due to budget cuts in a refuge.  See Government Plans to Euthanize hundreds of desert tortoises after budget cuts to Refuge.

The very same scenario is unfolding in Arizona, compliments of the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service (USFWS) and radical environmentalsts who want to declare the Mexican wolf as endangered and release wolves across 15 Arizona counties. The gross economic output of the agricultural industry in the area is estimated to be $4.2 billion annually.      

Send an email to both Clark County Sheriff Douglas Gillespie ( and Governor Brian Sandoval and tell them to stand up against the BLM and order the federal government out of Clark County and out of Nevada.   To contact Gov Sandoval, click HERE

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Deadline to Comment on Feds Listing Mexican Gray Wolf as Endangered in Arizona

The deadline to comment to the United States Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) regarding listing the Mexican Gray Wolf as "endangered" has been extended to Thursday, March 27, 2014.  It is extremely important that you oppose this ESA (Endangered Species Act) listing.  If the Mexican wolf is given protected status under the ESA, it means that you as a property owner lose your fundamental property rights.  The USFWS has plans to reintroduce the Mexican wolf in Arizona in a huge swath.  The north border is I-40; south border is I-10; west borders California; east borders New Mexico.  (See U.S. Fish & Wildlife to Introduce Wolves into Gila, Navajo, Graham, and Coconino Counties.)  

See Threatened and Endangered Species and the Private Landowner:

The Federal ESA prohibits "taking" of an endangered or threatened animal. This means that you cannot "harm harass, pursue, hunt, shoot, wound, kill, trap, capture, or collect any threatened or endangered species." "Taking" can also mean habitat alternation resulting in harm to the species. Whether on private or Federal land, whether intentional or unintentional, the "taking" of a listed animal is illegal. Protection in addition to this may be afforded through your State’s Endangered Species Act. 

Both Gila Watch and Gilbert Watch have been reporting on the activities of the USFWS (United States Fish and Wildlife Service) as they have been shoving wolves down the throats of Arizonans.  They have released wolves in Northeastern Arizona and in New Mexico, seriously and negatively affecting the livelihoods of people in those areas.   


Please leave your Comment for the USFWS HERE.  You will notice the large number of Pro-Wolf comments.  This is because the environmental groups are very well organized, well funded with your tax dollars, and are heavily plugged in to all levels of government.  

Need help with a comment?  See below.  Pick one or two as is or rewrite.  

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Why the Mexican Wolf Should Not be Listed as “Endangered” in Arizona

There is a bill making its way through the Arizona Legislature, HB2699.   It should be strongly supported by every Arizonan.  Call or email all Senators and Representatives.  

While members of Defenders of Wildlife, Sierra Club, Center for Biological Diversity, Rewilding Institute, and many other environmental groups are in favor of the federal government’s unfettered role in protecting endangered plants and animals, there is a cost that these members either haven’t considered or regard with indifference.  As stated by the Board of Supervisors of Catron County, New Mexico, “it is the local government’s responsibility to protect the health, safety, and welfare of its citizens.  This includes protecting local citizens from the adverse societal and economic impacts of federal actions.”  (See Catron County Comments regarding Objections to Maintaining Protections for the Mexican Wolf by Listing it as Endangered.)

The Arizona Game and Fish Department also commented on this issue in a 10-page report calling on the failures of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) to consider the many negative socio-economic impacts of the Wolf Reintroduction to Arizona.  

In 1998, the Mexican Gray Wolf was reintroduced to Catron County, New Mexico, and also Apache and Greenlee Counties in Arizona.  These wolves were also released adjacent to the San Carlos Apache Reservation (after the Tribe had refused 3 times over a period of a few years to let the federal government release the wolves on the reservation itself).  The San Carlos Apache are in Gila, Graham, and Pinal counties, and they heavily rely on cattle ranching for their livelihood.  “These citizens have been forced to bear the burden of the impacts of Mexican wolf reintroduction.  They are well aware of the reality of on-the-ground activities that affect their daily lives.”  

Here are some issues that are addressed in the first 9 pages of the Catron County Board of Supervisors document:

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Center for Biological Diversity: Liars and Defamers

The Center for Biological Diversity is an evil organization that was proven guilty in 2005 of making "false, unfair, libelous, and defamatory statements against Jim Chilton, a Southern Arizona rancher."  

Jim Chilton and his family were awarded $100,000 in actual damages and $500,000 in punitive damages.  He planned to use part of the money to pay his lawsuit expenses, and donate the rest to the Arizona Cattle Growers Association to "promote truth and responsibility with respect to cattle grazing issues."  

"Our opponents don’t use science.  They subvert science," stated Mr. Chilton.  "Endangered species are just their tool to raise money and impose their anti-production philosophy."  He is incensed over the lost livelihoods of tens of thousands of rural westerners:  timber workers, ranchers, and miners who have lost productive well paid employment.  "Too many other victims just couldn’t defend themselves against relentless attacks by the CBD (Center for Biological Diversity) and Forest Guardians."

"Environmentalists wear people down until they can no longer function," stated a witness.

As Jim Chilton said, "Ranching is not a job.  It’s a culture.  It’s a unique western American way of life and a national cultural treasure worthy of preservation."

Dear friends of liberty, the Center for Biological Diversity is one of the many radical environmental groups that has learned how to subvert the legislative process and, between FY2009 – FY2012, fleeced American taxpayers out of over $2 million in their ESA (Endangered Species Act) lawsuits against federal agencies.  It’s quite a racket.  See This is How Radical Environmental Groups Fleece the Taxpayer and Use the Money to Advance Their Agenda

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