The Horse Camp North of Payson is OPEN!

If you have been following recent events concerning the possible conversion of the Horse Camp into an Off Highway Vehicle facility, you will be glad to know that the Horse Camp north of Payson is open!  The gate is unlocked and swung wide open.  There is a friendly Host at the entrance.  According to Cheyenne, the host, he will be there until November.  The camp offers many private campsites, with corrals, and accessible trails.  So, please let your friends know.  There is even an area for groups, with a nice ramada and barbeque grill.  

One of the reasons given by the U.S. Forest Service for converting the Horse Camp into an OHV facility was that nobody used the facility.  It was brought to the attention of Ms. Angie Elam, of the Payson Ranger District, that the reason it wasn’t being used by horse people was because it was virtually impossible to access!  The gate was always locked.  There was no host.  Reservation requests were ignored.  What do you expect?.  

The decision for siting OHV facilities in or near Payson has not been made by the USFS.  But at least, for now, the Horse Camp has been opened and made available for horse riders.  

The facility is located at the north end of Payson.  From Highway 87, turn right at Houston Mesa Road. Go a few hundred yards and turn right at the first paved road.  

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