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Voting Begins: Support CAP Action Endorsed Candidates!

Early ballots are in the mail. Some counties have set up early voting centers. Please join us in supporting our endorsed candidates. These candidates align with our principles and objectives. When endorsing, we consider a number of factors. Our first consideration always is whether the candidate is pro-life.

As a reminder, candidate surveys and biographical information are available at You also can find information about candidates not listed below and endorsements issued by other organizations.

August 4 Primary Election Endorsements

U.S. Senate

Martha McSally

U.S. Congress

Tiffany Shedd (CD 1)

Paul Gosar (CD 4)

Andy Biggs (CD 5)

David Schweikert (CD 6)

Debbie Lesko (CD 8)

Arizona State Senate

Karen Fann (LD 1)

Sonny Borrelli (LD 5)

Sylvia Allen (LD 6)

T.J. Shope (LD 8)

Vince Leach (LD 11)

Warren Petersen (LD 12)

Sine Kerr (LD 13)

David Gowan (LD 14)

Nancy Barto (LD 15)

Kelly Townsend (LD 16)

J.D. Mesnard (LD 17)

Suzanne Sharer (LD 18)

Paul Boyer (LD 20)

Rick Gray (LD 21)

David Livingston (LD 22)

Alex Kolodin (LD 23)

Tyler Pace (LD 25)

Arizona State House

Note: while you may vote for two, in some districts we only endorsed one candidate.

Joel John (LD 4)

Leo Biasiucci, Regina Cobb (LD 5)

Brenda Barton, Walt Blackman (LD 6)

Neal Carter, Frank Pratt (LD 8)

Mark Finchem, Bret Roberts (LD 11)

Travis Grantham, Jake Hoffman (LD 12)

Tim Dunn, Joanne Osborne (LD 13)

Gail Griffin, Becky Nutt (LD 14)

Steve Kaiser, Justin Wilmeth (LD 15)

Jacqueline Parker (LD 16)

Liz Harris, Jeff Weninger (LD 17)

Bob Robson (LD 18)

Shawnna Bolick, Anthony Kern (LD 20)

Kevin Payne, Beverly Pingerelli (LD 21)

Frank Carroll, Ben Toma (LD 22)

John Kavanagh, Jay Lawrence (LD 23)

Rusty Bowers, Michelle Udall (LD 25)

Jana Jackson (LD 28)

Town of Gilbert


Matt Nielsen

City Council

Laurin Hendrix

Tyler Hudgins

City of Glendale


Jerry Weiers

City Council

Ian Hugh

Ray Malnar

Yavapai County

County Attorney

Sheila Polk