Wendy Rogers and the Rural Arizona PAC

Dwight Kadar researched and wrote an article titled “Follow The Wendy Rogers Campaign Money Trail,” which appeared in the July 26 issue of the Arizona Daily Independent. (See Mr. Kadar’s brief biography below.) ADI, by the way, is one of the very few conservative Republican news outlets in the state of Arizona, It’s well worth your time to read.

Here’s an interesting piece of information discovered by Mr. Kadar:

“Rogers’ money trail starts in Aspen, Colorado with one of Colorado’s “top ten” political donors, Tatnall Hillman.  Mr. Hillman is the son of John Hartwell Hillman, Jr. who made his billions from coal, steel, and gas.  Mr. and Mrs. Hillman donated the maximum of $5,200 each, a total of $10,400, directly to the 2020 Rogers campaign in March 2019.  Hillman also contributed $235,000 to the Washington, D.C.- based Rural Arizona (Federal) PAC, which in turn contributed $200,000 to the Washington, D.C.- based Rural Arizona (State) PAC, who then spent almost $100,000 on mailers, radio ads, and other campaign communications against Senator Allen.  This kind of “pea-in-the-shell” or “dark money” game happens in national elections, not in rural Arizona state election races.  This has allowed the Rogers campaign, with all its signage, mailers, radio ads, etc., to generate name recognition to influence “low-information” voters.  Arizona voters have come to expect nothing less from Rogers since she can’t run on issues and policies because she doesn’t know them.

“One more fact that should not go unnoticed by LD6 voters – more than $250,000* has been paid to Go Right Strategies of Orange Park, Florida for “professional consulting services.”  Go Right Strategies, whose president is Rogers’ nephew Spence Rogers, has received more than twice the total amount of money raised by the Allen campaign. This kind of campaign finance nepotism has been practiced by Bernie Sanders and his wife.”

*As of July 27, $329,309.04 had been paid to Go Right Strategies.

Wendy Rogers stated in the July 31 issue of Republican Briefs: “I am not backed by any PACs, lobbyists or special interests.”  

Does that seem odd to you? A mailer blasting Senator Sylvia Allen paid for by Rural Arizona PAC, with a Washington, DC address.

Dwight Kadar has been a Precinct Committeemen in Yavapai County’s Scarlett Precinct (Sedona) since 2013 and was elected an Arizona State Delegate in 2016 and 2020. Dwight was elected a National Delegate At Large to represent Arizona at the Republican National Convention in Jacksonville in 2020. In 2016, he was elected a National Delegate to represent Arizona’s First Congressional District at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland .

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