What Might Have Been – by Senator Sylvia Allen, LD6

My opponent passed up an opportunity that would have made her a hero. She could have run in her home District 26, where her main residence, business and plane are located, against Senator Mendez. She could have increased our majority in the Senate and taken out a Socialist Democrat who proudly votes against the First and Second Amendment, and puts nature above people’s welfare and livelihood

She would have had all kinds of support in the Party and she wouldn’t have had to make up her endorsements. Why, Senate President Fann would have gotten behind her and she would have been invited to be in James T show on KFYI.

She had the money, lots of it more than anyone else in the state, she wouldn’t have had to make anything up. It would have been fun watching a Democrat being called a Socialist who really is a Socialist instead of her trying to convince all of you that I am one. Her Washington D.C. PAC with $235,000 would pump out those creative, nasty mailers and that money would have been put to good use.

So why didn’t she? I don’t know the answer, but one thing is clear her priority is not about protecting our State and the Republican majority in the Legislature. Her priority is not rural Arizona. Her priority is not you. It is running for the next Congressional seat in 2022.

Vote Sylvia Tenney Allen – August 4th – I live in the District.