When does a job in Payson pay more than $70.00 per hour?

Answer: When you are a Certified Employee for the Payson Unified School District.

According to the PUSD website, the total number of classroom instruction hours this school year is well under 1,000 hours (143 days x 6.5 hrs per day) The American annual work standard is 2080 (40 hpw x 52 weeks) more than double the teacher classroom time.

The average base salary for PUSD teachers according to the latest Arizona Auditor General Report is $54,813 PLUS approx. $22,000 in taxpayer paid benefits for a total of over $76,000 AVERAGE. That is three times the per capita annual income for Payson residents is $24,251 according to the Census Bureau and nearly double the median total household income. .

Now the mantra of the teacher union, Red for Ed, administrative staff and the local media is that the teachers spend a HUGE amount of time in Teacher Development, grading, and other “job” duties. The pertinent question is what professional vocation does NOT require similar responsibilities to keep up with the current technology, equipment, etc.?

Any of this COULD be acceptable if PUSD was providing exceptional student outcomes. Unfortunately, the district is not meeting the educational needs of our students with a 32% graduation rate failure and students at nearly every grade level testing below grade level standards. .

It is time for TOTAL TRANSPARENCY by the school administrators that provides their TOTAL REVENUES, not just the legislative appropriations )which accounts for less than 30& of their income)